Giving BackCulture

Our community has a deep tradition of philanthropy, giving back to the community we love is a priority of residents in the Dallas Region. Charity Navigator ranks Dallas fourth nationally in a survey that analyzes financial, accountability and transparency practices of nonprofits by metro area. From health issues, to children’s initiatives to animal causes and beyond, the Dallas Region is ripe with nonprofits and organizations looking for your involvement and service in the community. Decide what you’re most passionate about and Volunteer Now.

Nonprofit Spotlight: Education Opens Doors

Education Opens Doors equips students, beginning in middle school, with college knowledge via the Roadmap to Success program. We provide schools with a comprehensive college and career program that raises self-expectations, increases confidence, and builds skills in students who lack access to this critical information. And we’re currently looking for two amazing people to join our team!

North Texas Giving Day

A great example of our community giving back is North Texas Giving Day. Each year, during one, 18-hour period, residents in the Dallas Region donate tens of millions of dollars to nonprofits.  Since 2009, $195 million has been contributed to 2,700 organizations. 2017 donations totaled $39 million.

AT&T Performing Arts Center

More than 130 families came together, with each donating $1 million to build the AT&T Performing Arts Center. Another example of philanthropy from both the business community and the private citizens in the Dallas Region.