From NYC to OCC

From NYC to OCCSay yes to OCC

Name: Rita Varghese

Position: Operations Analyst

What made you say “yes” to OCC?

I would say the fact that the company is growing at an exponential rate. It’s always great to work for a company that’s growing because there’s opportunity for advancement in terms of your career. I can acquire new skill sets, and I feel like the culture here is very supportive. They are very open and willing to listen to your needs.

What can you find at OCC that you can’t find anywhere else?

The Options Clearing Corporation is very big on training and development which, from my experience, is very hard to find. They’re very supportive and very interested in the development of your career and skill sets. They’re always providing any type of training that you want and their own types of training, which they hold on a regular basis about the industry and about the company’s other departments. In terms of work and family life, the balance is everything I’ve ever wanted.

What are the benefits to OCC being in the Dallas Region?

I was actually working in New York City for over eight years, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to find here in the financial services industry. I was pleasantly surprised when I came to the Dallas Region. First of all, the commute is way better here. The weather is way better here. The people are a lot more friendly. Being one of the leading financial services, OCC benefits from this area because they have a bigger pool of better talent and people with different types of backgrounds and experiences. The Dallas Region has become more of a melting pot.

What does OCC do to give back to the community?

They’re very involved in the community and OCC actually has a designated charity committee – I actually just joined a couple of months ago. So far, we’ve held events such as Jeans Week, OCC Barbeque, and other things here and there that raise money and employee morale. Most of these proceeds actually go to Metrocrest Services, which helps families and individuals in Addison, Carrolton, Farmers Branch or the City of Dallas in Denton County who need help getting back on their feet.

If you could describe OCC in one word, what would it be?

I would say “charitable”. We’re very involved in the community. OCC also funds OIC – the Options Industry Council, which offers free education to the public about the risks and benefits of exchange-listed options. I feel like the fact that OCC wants to educate the public on these things is very charitable of them.