Myth: The Cowboys are the only team you’ll have to root forBlog

Will Dak Prescott continue the Dallas Cowboys’ streak of Cinderella-story quarterbacks? Will the Dallas Mavericks return to title contention anytime soon? Will the Texas Rangers be battling their new instate rivals, the Astros, in the playoffs? Once you settle into North Texas, it won’t take long to be sucked into the drama of the professional sports scene here. The Dallas Cowboys telenovela is a fun distraction for migrants who choose to keep their allegiance to their original team, proudly flying their team flags on their cars and in their homes, and attending sports bars to root for their teams with like-minded fans. Of course, let’s not forget FC Dallas, which has been the region’s Major League Soccer franchise (in various iterations) since 1996. FC Dallas plays in the 20,500-seat Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas.