Myth: We want barbecue, the whole barbecue, and nothing but the barbecueBlog

People who spend time in the Dallas Region are surprised by the diversity of dining options Dallas offers. This comes as no surprise, given the diversity of its people. Dallas’ variety of restaurants – Ethiopian sit-down restaurants, Mediterranean cafes, kebab houses, and even German bier stubs – shakes the notion that dining in Dallas involves a date with a herd animal.  And if you think vegans can’t find something Dallas, think again. VegNews recently named Dallas the eighth best vegan city in the United States based on the criteria of food, fashion, and culture.

That being said, we do have some of the best BBQ joints around and their quality and variety have exploded around here, and to the victors (us) go the spoils. Invariably, this lust for smoky interludes fuels some devotees to buy their own smokers, and to then regale (bore) others with tales of their smoky adventures. Please do not do this.