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Dallas Fashion Hidden GemsHidden Gems

At times, the best of life’s little wonders are often hidden in plain sight. For the Big D, these “hidden gems” as we like to coin them, capture the soul and heartbeat of the city. In this new series, the “Say Yes ” crew hits the streets of Dallas (in style of course), and takes a deep dive into the fast-paced world of fashion – one of the essential cornerstones of the city. From the Neiman Marcus legacy to the history of Highland Park Village, Dallas has, and always will be, a shopping city.

However, this time we’re leaving the brand names behind, as we ventured from North to South Dallas plus everywhere in between, to find the boldest and brightest in indie designers, mom and pop retailers, and e-commerce labels for your next fix.  Whether emerging on the scene or one of more prestige, these Dallas fashion gems should be next on your list, because face it – these hidden treasures will never go out of style.

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  • The Heart Hatter

    Accessories are a man’s best friend — and for Heart Hatter creator Logan Miles Allison, they’re also a style statement evolved straight from the heart. The former Baylor athlete turned model, now hat designer, is one of the newest sensations to hit the Dallas fashion scene with his highly coveted and unconventional hat collection branded as The Heart Hatter. The winner of the 2017 Accessories in the Nude competition, The Heart Hatter collection is one crafted out of the finest of materials, custom made for each customer, and noted as the “perfectly imperfect hat for the imperfectly perfect you.”

  • The House of Dasha

    Keep heading South on I-35 and you’ll undoubtedly venture to one of Dallas’ newest hidden gems for women’s fashion and apparel, The House of Dasha. Founded by Quiana “Dasha” McDaniel, The House of Dasha has something for every woman boasting styles that compliment frames from small all the way to size 3X. Worn by a Real Housewife or two, and quietly the “go to” for the most elite in celebs, The House of Dasha is a Dallas favorite and internationally respected by fashionistas across the globe. A one-stop-glam-shop, “Dasha Dolls” as they are so affectionately called, can come in, get styled, and glammed up by the in-house makeup artist Dr. Faith Oliver of Faces by Dr. Faith using the House of Dasha’s own in-house privately owned cosmetics label.

    Location: 621 N. Hampton Rd., Desoto, TX

  • Harkensback

    The brainchild of veteran entrepreneurs Julie McCullough and Mike Arreaga, Harkensback is unlike any other destination in the Bishop Arts District. Forget the trendy murals, and quintessential selfies that are now known of the District — this store is as timeless as it is reverent to one who truly appreciates the constructs of fashion. Notorious for their support of local designers and artisans, Harkensback is not only the home for the highly coveted McCullough label, but also a highly curated selection of local designers for jewelry, home décor, small goods, gifts and more. Inspired by their travels to West Texas and Tulum, Mexico, McCullough and Arreaga artfully “harkens” customers “back” to a time where fashion was simple, where quality reigned supreme, and where personalized experiences in the retail environment mattered.

    Location: 401 N. Bishop Ave, Dallas, TX

  • Valerie Garmino

    Minimal. Classic. Romantic. These are the words that describe one of Dallas’ hot, new designers, Valerie Garmino. Not entirely new to the fashion game, Garmino is a multi award-winning designer, notably recognized for her statement wardrobe essentials from coats to capes to jackets to blouses. Her use in the finest of baby alpaca, cashmere, luxury pima cotton and more make this designer one who is as delicate with the details as she is with the design. Rapidly making waves throughout the region, the Valerie Garmino brand is one that will easily become a household name amongst the everyday working woman to the uptown socialite. “I believe in another type of seduction,” Garmino says. “A seduction that comes not only from what you can see, but also from what you can feel.”

  • Indigo 1745

    The not-so-hidden yet hidden gem, Indigo 1745, sits quietly and quaint amongst a row of Bishop Arts eateries and shops — quietly beckoning one to stop, shop and browse. Highly acclaimed as a “Best of Big D” for its extensive denim collection, Indigo 1745 houses the mom and pop feel that keeps visitors across the nation coming back time and time again. A shop where one can find both local and national labels, Indigo 1745 is more renowned for feeling like “home” — where visitors can sip on handcrafted drinks, shop, catch up on the latest with owners Keith and Denise Manoy and find that one-of-a-kind gift that only Indigo can provide.

    Location: Bishop Arts District at 370 W. 7th St., Dallas, TX

  • Don Morphy

    The “don.”  Whether definitively known as “the boss” or as “the best of”, it’s clear that the “don” in Dallas menswear label, Don Morphy, defines the best in style. Spotted amongst the streets of Dallas, Don Morphy Founder Daniel Mofor makes a statement. Colorful, classic and suave – Mofor embodies the art of dressing as he paints his way through the Big D one impeccably tailored suit at a time. Recently recognized by Fashion Group International of Dallas as one of its “Rising Stars” in Men’s Fashion, the Don Morphy brand is rapidly gaining a cult following. A noted favorite to fashion enthusiasts, influencers, and celebrities (such as Emmitt Smith, Tyson Chandler, and Dwight Howard) — the Don Morphy label boasts high quality apparel, shoes, and accessories designed in the United States, and artfully handcrafted from the best in Italian fabrics in Florence, Italy. Head to the showroom, grab a drink, and get ready to embark on a custom suit style experience like never before.

    Location: 8500 N. Stemmons Fly #6010, Dallas, TX