The brainchild of veteran entrepreneurs Julie McCullough and Mike Arreaga, Harkensback is unlike any other destination in the Bishop Arts District. Forget the trendy murals, and quintessential selfies that are now known of the District — this store is as timeless as it is reverent to one who truly appreciates the constructs of fashion. Notorious for their support of local designers and artisans, Harkensback is not only the home for the highly coveted McCullough label, but also a highly curated selection of local designers for jewelry, home décor, small goods, gifts and more. Inspired by their travels to West Texas and Tulum, Mexico, McCullough and Arreaga artfully “harkens” customers “back” to a time where fashion was simple, where quality reigned supreme, and where personalized experiences in the retail environment mattered.

Location: 401 N. Bishop Ave, Dallas, TX