Valerie GarminoValerie Garmino

Minimal. Classic. Romantic. These are the words that describe one of Dallas’ hot, new designers, Valerie Garmino. Not entirely new to the fashion game, Garmino is a multi award-winning designer, notably recognized for her statement wardrobe essentials from coats to capes to jackets to blouses. Her use in the finest of baby alpaca, cashmere, luxury pima cotton and more make this designer one who is as delicate with the details as she is with the design. Rapidly making waves throughout the region, the Valerie Garmino brand is one that will easily become a household name amongst the everyday working woman to the uptown socialite. “I believe in another type of seduction,” Garmino says. “A seduction that comes not only from what you can see, but also from what you can feel.”