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24 Things to Do In Your First 30 DaysSay Yes To Dallas

What you need to do to get established, make connections, and feel at home.

Make Connections

1. Meet Your Neighbors

Knowing people who live around you is good for your physical and mental health. Don’t wait for your neighbors to come to you—be your own welcome wagon.

2. Join a Gym or Group

Meet people & maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Dallas Region has tons of running clubs, book clubs, car clubs, environmental groups, and more.

3. Meet Your Coworkers

Eat your meals in common areas at work and introduce yourself to co-workers. Join an after-work happy hour or ask someone to coffee or lunch.

4. Volunteer

Giving back is a great way to help out in your new community, but also a great way to meet like-minded people. Dallas s full of organizations looking for your help.

5. Find Your Faith

Explore churches, temples, mosques, or synagogues in the Dallas area. If your first selection isn’t the right fit, there’s likely another choice around the corner.

6. Attend a Town Hall

Call your community and ask about open meetings or visit their website to find more information about upcoming meetings.

Get Established

7. Get Your Vehicle Inspected

Texas requires an annual state vehicle safety and emissions inspection. Find a mechanic or oil change location near you. Be sure to take your proof of insurance.

8. Update Your Vehicle Registration

To register your car, bring proof of insurance, inspection, and proof you own the vehicle (registration or title from your previous state) to your local county tax office.  Visit Texas DMV for information.

9. Get a TX Driver’s License

To get your driver’s licence, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety office in your area or call (512) 424-2600.

10. Learn Your Driving Routes

If you’ll commute by car, map out primary and secondary routes. See our Getting Around page for toll road maps and TollTag information.

11. Drive Other Roads, Too

Pick a neighborhood that’s not your own and drive to it. Then challenge yourself to get there without using GPS to help orient yourself to the area.

12. Take Public Transportation

If you’re going to commute to work via public transportation, plot your routes with DART, TRE, or DCTA. See our map and buy passes and do a test ride.

13. School Registration

Whether you have little ones or are looking for higher education for your college student, our education page will help find the perfect fit for your family.

14. Learn Local Laws

Laws vary from state-to-state, city to city.  Check out our It’s the Law page to learn which laws may be different in Texas and/or the area you plan to live.

15. Register to Vote

Simply pick up a voter registration application, fill it out, and mail it at least 30 days before the election date. To get your application, go to VoteTexas.gov.

16. Find a New Doctor

Find a doctor, dentist, hairdresser and mechanic. Having people you need in place before you need them is peace of mind. Ask neighbors and co-workers for referrals.

17. Find Emergency Numbers

Find your local emergency number, such as fire, ambulance, police, etc. Program these numbers into your phone, and print them out for quick access.

18. Locate Medical Centers

The Dallas Region has numerous hospitals and emergency rooms. Our hospitals map can help find the locations nearest to you. Test drive to determine the fastest route before you need it.

Feel At Home

19. Learn about Dallas

Dallas Historical Society is a great place to start learning about Dallas. Be sure to watch local news stations, listen to local radio, and read the local newspapers. Also check out our list of the top Myths about the Dallas Region.

20. Follow Local Influencers

Check out our recommended list of 7 people to follow on social media who capture the best of what the Dallas Region is all about.

21. Support the Home Team

Whatever your interest—football, basketball, baseball, hockey—we’ve got game. It’s also fun to connect with your college alumni group so you can support your own teams.

22. Get Outside

The Dallas Region has a lot to offer an outdoors enthusiast. Check out our Parks & Outdoor page for hiking trails, cycling paths, running trails, lakes, parks, and more.

23. Scout Out Dog Parks

We’ve got a great dog park map for you, but don’t forget to ask around for a veterinarian referral or check out a vet’s office close to your home.

24. Get Some Sleep

Moving is stressful. Take care of yourself.