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You asked and we answered. Looking for some hidden gems in the Dallas Region that you can explore for yourself? The Say Yes to Dallas team did the research for you and found some of the Region’s best-kept secrets. (Warning: some lists may contain more well-known spots for the newbies, but no worries – we still call them gems. We covered everything from friendly-family parks to the best places to grab a drink.

  • Views of Dallas

    Admit it – this is one of the best cities to live in. Need an excuse to grab your friends and explore? Check out our pick of places to be and views to see from our Views of Dallas hidden gems list!

    Views of Dallas Videos

  • Dallas Fashion Hidden Gems

    At times, the best of life’s little wonders are often hidden in plain sight. For the Big D, these “hidden gems” as we like to coin them, capture the soul and heartbeat of the city. In this new series, the “Say Yes ” crew hits the streets of Dallas (in style of course), and takes a deep dive into the fast-paced world of fashion – one of the essential cornerstones of the city. From the Neiman Marcus legacy to the history of Highland Park Village, Dallas has, and always will be, a shopping city.

    Dallas Fashion Hidden Gems

  • Dragons, Dogs and Bears (Oh My)

    Remember that abandoned house down the street with the light flickering in the attic? Can you still smell the cotton candy and feel the pinch of the admission bracelet from the amusement park you obsessed over at age 8?  These 10 gems await your discover in the Dallas Region.

    Dragons, Dogs, & Bears (Oh My)

  • Top 10 Tunes For Your ‘Dallas’ Playlist

    The Dallas Region has served as fodder for lyricists and tunesmiths for nearly as long as audio recordings have existed, perhaps earlier.  From blues legend to pop star, check out our list of 10 song recordings that best capture the spirit of Big D.

    Top 10 Tunes For Your ‘Dallas’ Playlist

  • Offbeat Eats: Consuming Hidden Dallas

    A metropolitan region can be judged as much for its dining experiences as by any other metric – air quality, availability of mass transit and its biking/jogging trail network. Dallas shines by this measure: from Chinese dumplings, to schnitzels to baba ghanoush, dining options well reflect the region’s diverse population of 7.2 million people. But where to start? The “Say Yes” crew met that question with steely determination, producing this list of best off-the-beaten-path drinking-and-eating experiences.

    Offbeat Eats: Consuming Hidden Dallas

  • Hitting the Sweet Spots: Dallas’ Hidden Candy Gems

    Past the whirly, twirley gumdrop waterfalls and up Oompa Loompa Mountain sits Candy Junction. We suggest you take a detour and stop by some of the store’s real-world counterparts here in the Dallas Region.

    Hitting the Sweet Spots: Dallas’ Hidden Candy Gems

  • Hitting the Trails, Dallas Style

    Walkers, cyclists and runners venture into some fascinating places in the Dallas Region. These include former outlaw hideouts, abandoned rail beds and suburban oases. Of course, not all 442 miles of off-street paths in the region offer such adventures. So, the “Say Yes” crew has cobbled together a list of trails that effectively debunks the notion that the Dallas Region is four-wheel-centric.

    Hitting the trails, Dallas Style