AustraliaInternational Essentials Guide

The Dallas Region is home to a growing population of Australians, and many have become contributors to our growing dining scene – just look at the list of Australian-style cafés below! Whether you are looking to connect with fellow Aussies or play footy for a local club, we have plenty of opportunities for you.

  • In 2018, Australia was DFW’s 22nd-largest trading partner with $593 million in total trade. In 2017, Australia ranked in the top five in DFW’s imports, with merchandising accounting for the largest percentage. The country ranked second for exports in aviation, communications, and electrical equipment.
  • Notable Aussie companies in the Dallas Region include: ADVAM, MIC Global Services, Otis Energy, PIRTEK USA, and Somnomed.
  • Learn more about the only international private school in Dallas that integrates the French national curriculum: Dallas International School
  • Catch an Australian footy match through our local team: Dallas Dingoes
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Discover the Dallas Region through stories from international newcomers just like you.

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