FranceInternational Essentials Guide

Bienvenue! Texas is home to an estimated 60,000 French nationals, and the Dallas Region provides ample opportunity to get involved in the local French community.

  • An estimated €1.6 billion is exchanged between France and DFW, with €1 billion (64 percent) imported from France to DFW, and €575 million (36 percent) exported from DFW to France.
  • More than 75 French-owned companies operate U.S. or North American headquarters and other facilities in the Dallas Region. Notable French companies include: Airbus, AXA, Danone, Essilor, Louis Vuitton, and Safran.
  • Weekly Direct Flights to France: American Airlines – 10 times to Paris (CDG) | Air France 4 times to Paris (CDG)
  • Learn more about the only international private school in Dallas that integrates the French national curriculum: Dallas International School
  • Learn more about the French language and culture: Alliance Françoise de Dallas
  • Listen & Learn is a multinational company that specializes in tailor-made one-to-one and small group language courses for individuals and corporate clients: French Lessons in Dallas
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