Coworking SpacesStartups in Dallas

For those who are already established entrepreneurs, coworking spaces are good opportunities for learning and growth. These shared working environments, often in an office building, are bustling with the independent activity of many businesses. Artists work alongside realtors, and small businesses develop new ideas near first-time entrepreneurs.

Those who cowork do so for the community feel and support that working at home doesn’t provide. There are often mentors on hand, as well as times and areas to throw ideas around or get help brainstorming. If you’re the type who enjoys being around people but needs your own space, don’t worry. Many facilities have both community-feel cubicles and private offices.

Proximity to major Dallas corporations, as well as the opportunity for networking, are other perks of coworking in our city. And, with coworking spaces popping up across Dallas, in everywhere from coffee shop rooms to leather-lined high-rise suites, there’s surely a space you’d love here. It’s also possible to open your own space perfectly tailored to your needs.


  • NOD: North Dallas Coworking Space’s members include startups, developers, artists, digital designers, learners, engineers, and mentors. Collaborating and co-creating is emphasized greatly here. Located in Addison.
  • Headspace: Members include marketing and advertising businesses, and creative freelancers, like writers, illustrators, authors, and photographers. Next door to LAUNCH Agency, an award-winning full-service ad agency, this coworking space is perfect to get your foot in the door of big business. Located in Carrollton.


  • LaunchDFW: This digital media hub covers tech startups and entrepreneurs across the Dallas Region. Located in North Dallas.
  • The Lab: The Lab has no physical location, but rather is a group of tech-based innovators who meet to learn, discuss and create. Lectures and contests are held.
  • TechMill: Technology-minded entrepreneurs co-work here in Denton, which was named one of Dallas’ most thriving start-up communities.

Community Service Element

  • Dallas Makerspace: The Dallas Makerspace is a non-profit community workshop and laboratory. Local artists, engineers, makers, and thinkers work together to make public classes and projects in science, technology and art. Located in Carrolton and Deep Ellum.


  • The Kessler Co-op: Next door to the Kessler Theater, this space celebrates collaboration. Workers can hop over to see a show at the theater for a work break. Located in Dallas.
  • SpryRocket: SpryRocket has a hip feel for younger workers in all fields. Located on Lower Greenville in Dallas.
  • The Backlot: All fields of entrepreneurs are welcome to enjoy the creative vibe in this modern and sunlit space. Located in Fort Worth.
  • The Common Desk: This coworking space can be found in the most hip parts of Dallas– Deep Ellum and Oak Cliff. Located in Deep Ellum and Oak Cliff.

For Women

  • The Kaleidoscope for Her: Women here collaborate and connect while building their businesses in tandem. Located in downtown Dallas.


  • The Foundry: A luxurious penthouse workspace with an old-fashioned mahogany feel. Located in Mockingbird Station and downtown Dallas.

Standard coworking spaces