Innovation Centers

Innovation Centers are open centers for collaborative invention, learning, and testing. Entrepreneurs can find others in their field to help with starting or expanding their business. The centers are like advice hubs, as both big corporations and new business people can offer wisdom to each other. Applications are required for innovation centers, though some businesses limit participants to employees.

  • IBM Innovation Center: For telecommunications entrepreneurs, this center provides guidance from IBM’s staff. Testing products, meeting and discussing ideas, and getting support for businesses are all offered. Located in Coppell.
  • Microsoft Technology Center: A flexible program, The Microsoft Technology Center is what you make it. This collaborative environment provides access to innovative technologies and world-class expertise, enabling you to envision, design, and demonstrate solutions to meet your exact needs. Located in Irving.
  • TI Kilby Labs: Texas Instruments created an innovation center based on high-risk exploration. Groups rotate at a fast pace through stations, testing and modifying products and ideas submitted by engineers. Their theory is that with rapid but structured reviews of innovations, they can swiftly weed out the winners and perhaps find a breakthrough invention. Located in Richardson.
  • AT&T Foundry: An innovation center as well as an accelerator, AT&T’s center is a multifaceted metropolis of technological innovation. Here, rapid speed allows many ideas to develop. Located in Plano.