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The state of Texas is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs. These government-issued funds are incentives for small businesses, whether to encourage start-ups to continue growing and improve local economies or to convince established companies to relocate to our state. Each has its own application, but generally a recipient of a fund will be a well-established and financially sound business with the potential for job creation.

Texas Small Business Incentives: Texas is committed to providing and facilitating funding for companies and communities with expansion and relocation projects in the Lone Star State. Asset-based loans for companies, leveraged loans to communities, and tax-exempt bond financing are just a few means of obtaining the capital necessary for a successful project.

Texas Enterprise Fund: The fund attracts new businesses to the state or assists with expansion. Funds can be used for infrastructure development, community development, job training and business incentives. Capital investment, job creation, wages generated and other public or private project support are other significant factors in approving the use of the enterprise fund.