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Where date night doesn’t break the bankSay Yes To Dallas

Dallas: Where date night doesn’t break the bank

New survey shows that Dallas is one of the most affordable cities for date night 

You’ve shined up your leather Nike high tops and cleared your schedule. Your favorite band is on tour and it’s the hottest ticket around and you’re planning to paint the town with your partner in crime.

Operation Date Night is in full swing, but with an asterisk: you’re on a budget.

Still, you’ve got to clean up and impress your date.

The good news: this endeavor doesn’t require a bank loan if you live in Dallas. In fact, it’s cheaper to wine, dine and impress in Dallas than most other major metro areas, according to the Council for Community and Economic Research’s Second Quarter 2017 Cost of Living Index.

Pizza and a movie? Cheaper in Dallas.

A glass of wine before heading out the door? Again, cheaper in Dallas.

(New haircut to wow your date? Not as cheap – but come on, it’s date night.)

Take a look at this chart, which compares the cost of “going out” in the cities that have added the most jobs in the last 12 months ending in July 2017, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Say Yes to Dallas: Good Times Going Out Index

*In case you had too much of a good time

We’ve neglected to mention perhaps the most-important fact: being able to pay for this. Unless you’re Bruce Wayne, you’ll need a job.

Dallas has been a top-three metro area for job growth for roughly four years now, according to the Department of Labor Statistics, and residents bring home more bacon than people in most other states, thanks to no income taxes. Those with skills in the leisure and hospitality sector and the professional and business services sectors have especially benefited, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

There’s something to be said for living in a place where companies are hiring at a healthy clip and where going out doesn’t require staying in to save up.

Simply put: Dallas does date night better.

Want to know more about what it really means to live in Dallas? Check out www.SayYesToDallas.com to learn what the region has to offer.