Private Schools

Parents choose to send their children to private schools for all kinds of reasons.  Some elect private schools for their kids for religious or moral reasons.  Others are concerned about having smaller class sizes and more individual attention for their students.  Others still are focused on the highest possible learning standards and rigorous college out prep.

The Texas Education Agency works with the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission to ensure that students can easily transfer from nonpublic students to public schools and that teacher service at nonpublic schools is recognized at public schools for salary purposes.  Private schools may be accredited by a variety of organizations, but many private schools in Texas are not accredited by any organization.

Private School Map


The Dallas Region offers a variety of private school options. Some of the terms you will encounter as you look at private school options include:

  • Learning differences schools – These schools provide for students with learning differences across the spectrum and can range from pre-K through 12th grade.
  • Boarding schools – Several of the single-gender private schools offer full-time boarding as well as day student options.
  • Language/culture specific – Some schools offer immersion in specific languages, such as French, Chinese, and Japanese. Many of these schools offer Saturday and summer options for families who want students to attend a traditional school and supplement with cultural and language immersion.
  • Montessori method – A child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. Schools incorporating this self-direction and discovery method are located across the region, but they generally do not extend beyond elementary. A number of public districts also have a Montessori choice option within the district.
  • Classical – Usually characterized by small class sizes and a classics-based education, normally with fewer team athletic options.
  • College preparatory – Focused on academic rigor in preparation for demanding collegiate programs.
  • Religious/parochial – Some schools are associated with specific religious denominations or churches and incorporate religious teaching as part of the curriculum.