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*Information as of 2016

District Name: Fort Worth ISD


District & Class Size: 86,869 students. Average class size; elementary 20.1, 6th grade 18.9, secondary 20.3.

Grade Level Alignment: Elementary (Pre-K-5); 6th Grade Centers; Applied Learning Academies, Montessori schools (K-8); Middle Schools (6/7-8); High Schools (9-12)

Texas A-F Accountability Rating: This district received a C.

Distinguishing Characteristics: With over 85,000 students in 83 elementary schools, 29 middle schools and 6th grade centers, 18 high schools and 16 other campuses, Fort Worth ISD enjoys a diverse student population and strong community partnerships. Under the leadership of the superintendent and the Board of Education, the District is undergoing a series of initiatives that will redesign, transform, and revitalize Fort Worth ISD Schools.

The Fort Worth ISD is controlled locally through a Board of Education Trustees elected by voters within each district. Nine Trustees serve as single-member district representatives. All of the Trustees serve four-year terms without pay. The Board of Education conducts the school program in accordance with the state constitution and the standards set by the Texas Education Agency. A policy-making body, the board delegates the day-to-day administration of the schools to the Superintendent and the professional staff.

Specializations and Program Offerings: It’s what every parent wants – a learning experience that engages their child, supports his or her interests and opens pathways to success. The Fort Worth Independent School District is fulfilling that wish with new programs and schools that will lead the nation in transforming the classroom experience as we know it. Gone is the old “one size fits all” model of learning. The District is ushering in a new era with winning opportunities for every student at every skill level. Simply put, we are giving students and their parents the power of choice. It is the power to choose courses of study based on personal interests and passions. It is the power to take ownership in the education experience. And it is the power that comes with being engaged in learning and excited about the future.


Every Fort Worth ISD high school will offer Gold Seal Programs of Choice – rigorous courses of study based on students’ interests as well as the needs of the modern workplace. Programs include:

• Real world applications to classroom lessons

• Internships and job shadowing through the District’s business partners

• College credit hours through dual credit

• Licensures and certifications

• Core instruction in math, science, English language arts, and social studies

Advanced Placement Gold Seal Program categories include engineering, agriculture, business administration, fine arts, government and law, health science, hospitality, marketing, public safety, technology, visual and graphic arts, and much more. Within each program are multiple trajectories to ensure an extraordinary learning opportunity for every student. Gold Seal Programs can be “money in the bank” for parents and students. Some programs allow students to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and up to 60 hours of transferable college credit. That alone can save thousands of dollars in college expenses.


Schools of Choice largely serve students who desire a nontraditional approach to the learning process. Schools of Choice are stand-alone schools that provide a unique learning opportunity for elementary, middle, and high school students.


Young students also have the opportunity to become more engaged learners through Fort Worth ISD Programs of Choice. They are offered at several elementary and middle schools across the District. Students receive a full range of learning experiences along with a more intensive curriculum in such fields as math, science, communications, art, and foreign language. Exciting and educational electives spark children’s imaginations, give them ownership of their education, and begin teaching them lifelong skills for success.

Extracurricular: Students can participate in athletics through football, basketball, baseball, soccer, softball, volleyball, track and cross-country, swimming, golf, powerlifting and wrestling.

We have a comprehensive fine arts program that includes the visual arts, band, color guard, choir, orchestra and harp, theatre, drill team/dance and cheerleading.

There are multiple opportunities at all levels for academic competition and we have a strong Academic Decathlon program. Other clubs and activities may include National Honor Society, Student Council, Science/Computer Science/Technology Club, Debate, FFA, Chess Club, Spanish Club, Yearbook, Marksmanship (JROTC) and much more. 

Safety and Security:

We work closely with the Fort Worth and Benbrook Police Departments to ensure a safe and secure environment for students and teachers. Safety and security measures are designed to create and sustain a positive learning environment, as well as to protect property. Training and drills to enhance emergency preparedness are also executed, including staff instruction, evacuation drills and the use of defibrillators.

The Readiness and Emergency Management of Schools (REMS) Grant was awarded to FWISD through the U.S. Department of Education for $580,154 for improving and refining emergency management plans. Grant funds will provide education to parents regarding student and campus safety; numbering of exterior doors with permanent signage; campus visitor ID and sign-in equipment; and development of a parent/student reunification plan, to name a few of the initiatives. The grant is also helping with the funding of the security assessment, a state-mandated requirement for the District every three years.

M&O/I&S Tax Rates and Last Bond Passage: 2014-2015 – $1.322

Fort Worth ISD voters approved all three propositions in the 2013 Bond Election by more than 72% for each measure. More than 22,500 voters cast ballots in the Tuesday, November 5, 2013 election.

Work began immediately on the new Capital Improvement Program with the issuance of RFPs for program management and architectural work.

  • Proposition 1 includes District-wide security and technology upgrades at every school, District-wide Pre-Kindergarten, nearly 300 classroom additions, new kitchens and school cafeterias, two new elementary schools, new field houses, Wi-Fi study areas and renovations to bring facilities into compliance with accessibility standards.
  • Proposition 2 provides funding for a Performing and Fine Arts Academy and a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Academy.
  • Proposition 3 is reserved for non-construction items that require periodic refreshing such as school buses, musical instruments and uniforms, furniture and fixtures.

Average Home Value in District: $120,335 (2014 – Tarrant County Appraisal District)

Selling Points: The Fort Worth Independent School District is one of the fastest growing urban school districts in America. It is the fifth largest district in Texas.

The Fort Worth Independent School District consists of great students, teachers, principals, central office staff, auxiliary staff, school board members and community members who are dedicated to the success of our young people.

Under the leadership of the superintendent and the Board of Education, the District is undergoing a series of initiatives that will redesign, transform, and revitalize Fort Worth ISD Schools. 

District Philosophy:

Motto: Singleness of Purpose 

Mission: Preparing students for success in college, career and community leadership

Vision: Fort Worth ISD: Igniting in every child a passion for learning


  • Student Achievement
  • Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Leadership Development
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Equity in Access
  • Perseverance& Commitment
  • Continuous Improvement