Frisco ISD

District Name: Frisco Independent School District

Website: https://www.friscoisd.org/

District: 55,851
Class: 22 (elementary)/25-28 (secondary)

Grade Level Alignment: K-12

Texas A-F Accountability Rating: This district received an A.

Distinguishing Characteristics: At the heart of our success is a small-schools model that has guided the District through three decades of explosive enrollment growth. With the support of parents and the community, leaders remain committed to creating small, personalized learning environments, as evidenced by our mission to know every student by name and need. This philosophy drives our day-to-day efforts to understand each child’s unique circumstances, his or her strengths and weaknesses and the role we must play to ensure each student reaches his or her full potential.

Specializations and Program Offerings:

Special programs services are provided in the District on home campuses or through centralized programming. These include Gifted and Talented, Special Education, ESL/Bilingual, Dyslexia, Head Start, Accelerated Reading/Math Instruction, Credit Recovery and GED.

The District’s Career and Technical Education Center offers more than 30 programs of study for high school students to explore their future, while the Student Opportunity Center provides extra support to help struggling students reach their maximum potential. A free Pre-Kindergarten program is offered at the Early Childhood School for qualifying families.

Extracurricular: Frisco ISD offers art, band, cheerleading, choir, dance, drill team, orchestra and theatre for secondary students interested in fine arts. Some schools are also home to guitar and harp programs.

When it comes to athletics, middle school students compete in basketball, cross country, football, soccer, tennis, track and field and volleyball. High schools also offer baseball, golf, powerlifting, softball, swimming and diving and wrestling. All FISD high schools with varsity team programs compete in the University Interscholastic League (UIL) 5A classification.

In addition to fine arts and athletics, a wide variety of clubs and organizations are available at the secondary level, including both curricular and non-curricular activities. The majority of middle and high school students are involved in some sort of school-related activity outside of the classroom.

At the elementary level, students participate in special programs including physical education for life-long health and music and art for life-long appreciation. In addition, clubs such as Student Council, Green Team and KC (Kindness & Compassion) Club promote leadership and other important life skills.

Safety and Security: In Frisco ISD, the safety of students, staff and visitors is our top priority and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our comprehensive security program addresses prevention, intervention, student assistance, preparedness, emergency response and building security.

FISD routinely reviews safety and security procedures and makes adjustments when necessary. That means we’re constantly exploring new and creative ways to enhance existing security measures and adopting those policies and protocols proven to be effective in reducing risk.

It is a team effort – we rely on the continued support of students, parents and the community to keep our schools safe. We work closely with our local police and fire departments to coordinate prevention and response activities, perform regular security audits and provide frequent training to all employees on security issues.

M&O/I&S Tax Rates and Last Bond Passage:  

The current combined tax rate for Frisco ISD is $1.46. The combined tax rate is a combination of an M&O tax rate of $1.04 and an I&S tax rate of $0.42. In May 2014, Frisco ISD voters approved a $775 million bond referendum to provide educational facilities for up to 66,000 students. A total of 9,635 votes were cast in the election, and the bond referendum passed with 77 percent voter approval.

 Average Home Value in District: $365,500

 Selling Points:

Strong academics and outstanding opportunities for students continue to make Frisco ISD a destination school district for families moving to or relocating within the Dallas-Fort Worth area. As a result, we’re constantly growing – welcoming new students, hiring new staff and opening new schools.

District Philosophy:

Education is a shared responsibility of students, school, home and community. With that as an essential principle, we believe the following to be true for students, staff, families and the community:

  • Everyone has equal inherent worth and deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Everyone needs challenge, opportunity and encouragement.
  • Each person is unique.
  • Meaningful relationships have profound lifelong impact.
  • Integrity is essential.
  • Imagination and creativity are vital.
  • A safe environment is necessary for learning.
  • Every person can learn.
  • Each person is ultimately responsible for his/her own learning.
  • Learning is lifelong and unlimited.
  • There is always room for improvement.
  • All students must graduate with the skills they need to pursue their aspirations.