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*Information as of 2016

District Name: Highland Park Independent School District

Website: https://www.hpisd.org/                 

District Size & Class Size: HPISD serves a 6.2-square-mile area and has an enrollment of approximately 7,054 students. There were 512 students in the class of 2014.

Grade Level Alignment: Elementary, K-4; intermediate, 5-6; middle school, 7-8; high school, 9-12

Texas A-F Accountability Rating: This district received an A.

In addition to meeting standardized testing requirements, HPISD strives to best serve its community and students by participating in Texas High Performance Schools Consortium. The consortium is dedicated to designing a meaningful community-based assessment and accountability system that will empower local school districts to design their own internal systems of assessment and accountability that, while meeting general state standards, will allow districts to innovate and customize curriculum and instruction to meet the unique needs and interests of their communities.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Highland Park High School consistently receives national recognition for its academic achievements. U.S. News & World Report and Newsweek list HPHS among the top high schools in the nation and the top comprehensive high school in Texas.

Specializations and Program Offerings: College-level Advanced Placement courses follow the College Board AP curriculum and are available to students who demonstrate high achievement, ability, and motivation. AP courses are offered in English, foreign languages, sciences, social studies, mathematics, art, and computer science. Electives are also offered to students in fine arts, journalism, business, health education, technology applications, physical education, and communication applications. In 2012-13, 1,095 HPHS students took a total of 2,719 AP tests, and 70 percent scored a 3, 4, or 5.

HPISD demonstrates a commitment to early instruction in music, visual arts, and science instruction at its elementary schools. Students in grades 5 and 6 enjoy a rotation of electives in instrumental and choral music, along with theater, giving them anopportunity to experience those areas of the arts, and preparing them to make important elective decisions for grades 7-12.

HPISD’s Global Connections initiative provides our students authentic opportunities at all grade levels to share the unique American experience with others, as they learn with and from students from other cultures. These formative experiences help build a foundation for the knowledge, skills, and experiences the global workplace will require of them in a diverse, complex, and fascinating world.

The HPHS Senior Internship Program allows students to gain a better understanding of their career interests and develop field specific knowledge and skills. Students also gain an understanding of professional behaviors, practices, responsibilities, and opportunities, which will help them become responsible and reliable professionals who are prepared to compete in a global community.

Extracurricular: HPISD offers its students a wide variety of athletic and extracurricular activities. In 2013-14, students won UIL state championships in team tennis and Number Sense, and individual students won state titles in Academic Decathlon, girls swimming, wrestling, boys golf, and spring tennis. HPHS students were also selected for All-State band and choir.

Safety and Security: It is HPISD’s top priority to provide a safe learning environment for its students, staff, and volunteers. In 2014, the district hired a director of safety and security services to oversee the safety and security training and programs district-wide.

M&O/I&S Tax Rates and Last Bond Passage: M&O tax rate: $1.0267. I&S tax rate: $0.1000. Last bond passage: May, 2008

Average Home Value in District: $1.27 million

Selling Points: HPISD is located immediately north of downtown Dallas and serves Highland Park, University Park, and a small portion of North Dallas, with approximately 32,200 residents who are predominantly college-educated professionals and business leaders in the community. Since Highland Park schools were founded in 1914, there has been a consistent effort to build a tradition of excellence in both academic and extracurricular activities.

Philosophy: Highland Park ISD, with an unyielding commitment to excellence, will provide an exceptional academic program that recognizes the unique potential of each student and integrates the intellectual, social, cultural, and physical aspects of learning. This program will empower each student to become an eager lifelong learner committed to academic excellence, integrity, responsible citizenship, and service to others.