Lewisville ISD

District Name:  Lewisville Independent School District

Website: https://www.lisd.net/

District Size & Class Size: 53,200 students. Elementary class size 19, secondary is 21.9.

Grade Level Alignment: Elementary, Pre-K-5; middle school, 6-8; high school, 9-12

Texas A-F Accountability Rating: This district received an B. Lewisville ISD has a 97.2 percent graduation rate, which is not only one of the highest in the state, but across the nation. Student ACT and SAT scores outperform the state and national scores.

Distinguishing Characteristics: LISD continually has one of the highest numbers of National Merit Scholars across the state. In addition, the district has six National Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, the highest designation a school can earn from the United States Department of Education. LISD has four 6A high schools and one 5A high school. Due to the district proactively taking extra steps to ensure third-party vendors do not inappropriately maintain student and staff data, LISD is one of seven school districts across the nation to earn the Trusted Learning Environment Seal from CoSN.

Specializations and Program Offerings: In LISD, students have many opportunities, including career technical education classes offered at two career centers. The course offerings include broadcasting, animation, gaming programming, engineering, woodworking and welding. Many STEM courses are offered at these centers. One of the main goals of LISD’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) program is helping students earn certifications and experience prior to high school graduation.

LISD offers Spanish Immersion and Dual Language programs across the district, beginning in kindergarten, providing Spanish- and English-speaking students a chance to learn together, with the end goal of being biliterate and bilingual.

The district provides a strong special education program, including a “circle of friends” club in which special and general education students have buddies and celebrate prom together.

Gifted and Talented offerings are provided to students from first grade through their senior year. The identification process focuses on the whole child versus providing a singular GT offering. At the secondary level, a wide range of dual-credit and advanced placement opportunities are provided. More than 70 percent of LISD students taking the AP test score a 3 or higher, resulting in college credit.

Extracurricular: LISD is the home of many state champion programs, including marching and concert band, basketball, baseball, softball, football, tennis, swim and diving, golf, track and field, wrestling, orchestra, theater arts, and many more. In the last five years, LISD has won eight state champion titles. Beyond the fine arts and athletic programs, all LISD schools provide club opportunities to increase student and community engagement. Among the clubs offered are Destination Imagination, robotics, chess, book, and technology.

Safety and Security: LISD works closely with the emergency planners and police chiefs across the 13 communities we serve. Campuses have security cameras, school resource officers, and secured entrances. Our schools perform drills throughout the year to prepare

M&O/I&S Tax Rates and Last Bond Passage: M&O: $1.04; I&S: $0.437. The last bond passed to build new schools, renovate existing facilities, and purchase technology was in May 2008. That $697 million bond package approval signifies LISD’s strong community support.

Average Home Value in District: $310,269

Selling Points: LISD provides a world-class, 21st-century learning environment for all students. Our focus is developing the whole child by engaging our students where they are enriched and learning is optimal. To achieve this focus, the district offers three distinct initiatives: 1:X, project-based learning and e-portfolio systems. These innovations are critical to providing a personalized educational experience for all of our students.

1:X: Providing tools to engage learners
1:X is a groundbreaking, transformative installation of a flexible learning environment that gives students tools to access, create, share and collaborate as digital citizens. It is a reflection of our commitment to provide all students with a personalized educational experience.
1:X helps students, parents and teachers collaborate anytime, anywhere by providing the right technology at the right time – whether a laptop (MacBook Air), tablet (iPad) or other mobile device, depending on the learning task. These mobile devices provide students with valuable educational resources, which are proven to increase achievement and engagement.

To provide students with choice, 1:X combines the multiple elements in conjunction with LISD’s “Bring Your Own Technology” (BYOT) policy.

  • Students in grades 4-12 receive an iPad to use at school and at home to encourage and support anywhere, anytime learning
  • Students in grades 2-3 will have access to class sets of iPads
  • Classroom access to MacBook Airs and Dell Chromebooks
  • MacBook Pros for every teacher and administrator

To date, the results of this initiative are astounding. Students are creating multimedia projects, publishing iBooks, and blogging about what they are learning. Our parents say their kids are more excited about school. Class participation has increased and higher grades reflect their enthusiasm.

Project-based learning (PBL): Providing meaningful and relevant work

Across LISD, campuses started using project-based learning to engage students, as well as providing challenging work requiring students to think critically. The effort has been extremely successful, with several student projects focusing on researching and creating solutions for today’s marketplace.
The PBL model focuses on a problem for students, working in teams or individually, to research, analyze and solve. They capture their analysis and rationale for the solutions in a project format. In many instances, students present findings to business owners, where they answer questions and receive feedback.
Because of the PBL format, teachers have changed the learning process. They are sharing ideas and traveling across the district to work with other teams of teachers. Teachers have become facilitators guiding student learning instead of simply lecturing and providing the answers.

At the end of the PBLs, teachers are amazed at the profound levels of learning. Teachers comment on students who normally don’t participate in class and how they become highly engaged. Parents state their students share what they were learning in great detail and have meaningful conversations about school. Most importantly, our students say they owned their learning.

E-portfolios: Establishing an informative assessment

Recently, many of our campuses have incorporated an e-portfolio system tracking our students’ work for the entire school year. An e-portfolio is individualized and students can see firsthand how much they have learned. The system allows teachers, parents and students to have one-on-one conversations identifying how the learning has progressed, areas where students have excelled and areas for improvement. We believe an e-Portfolio is one form of assessment that motivates and inspires our students.
These initiatives are only a few tools that help us achieve high levels of student engagement and enrichment. In LISD, high expectations have always been important to teachers, staff, parents, and the community. We want to not only maintain these, we want to increase them—they are essential for students to thrive in their future.

We have come incredibly far in transforming learning and teaching. The ingenuity and creativity of our teachers, students and community  is what makes LISD a leader in public education.

District Philosophy: LISD’s promise to our students, staff, parents and the communities we serve is simple — all of our students enjoy thriving, productive lives in a future they create. The district ensures it fulfills its mission by designing and implementing a learning organization that provides engaging, innovative experiences every day.

LISD’s vision is built on four cornerstones: Student experience, community engagement, resource stewardship and student learning. These guiding principles underscore our commitment to real innovation and limitless opportunities for our more than 53,000 students.

Our work is not limited only to the learning happening in our classrooms. Across the state, LISD is recognized as a leader in legislative advocacy. Our Board of Trustees and district leadership will be active voices to ensure Texas public schools receive the support at the state level necessary to continue providing the opportunities our communities expect from our exceptional schools.
In LISD, we prepare the dreamers to become the doers by developing engaged, collaborative learners who are equipped for success.

Real Innovation. Limitless Opportunity.