Prosper ISD

District Name:  Prosper Independent School District

Website: https://www.prosper-isd.net/

District Size & Class Size: Approximately 10,000 students – PISD rarely applies for class size waivers, so elementary classes are no more than 22:1 and secondary classes are typically 25:1 or less.

Grade Level Alignment: Elementary PK-5 (7)*, Middle School 6-8 (2)*, High School 9-12 (1) – *Elementary #8 and Middle School #3 will open in August 2018

Texas A-F Accountability Rating: This district received an A.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Prosper ISD is one of the fastest growing districts in the State of Texas increasing approximately 100% in student enrollment every five years; PISD pays 100% of Dual Credit costs and AP costs allowing students to earn college credit while in high school at NO (or minimal) cost; State of the Art facilities rivaled by few.

Specializations and Program Offerings: Prosper ISD currently offers multiple languages, a wide variety of CTE and STEM options, G/T and AP offerings, a comprehensive SPED program, and an unrivaled dual language program through middle school.

Extracurricular: Prosper ISD offers every UIL option as well as other Club opportunities not sponsored by the UIL (i.e. bowling, lacrosse, archery, hockey, fishing, etc.)

Safety and Security: Prosper ISD employs its own police department and spares no expense to insure the safety of students, staff, and parents

M&O/I&S Tax Rates and Last Bond Passage:  M&O (1.17), I&S (0.50) – the last bond package was November 2007 for $710,000,000.00 with an 80% approval rating.  Our community supports our efforts to provide a superior education for our students

Average Home Value in District: Approximately $325,000.00

Selling Points: www.prosper-isd.net

District Philosophy: Prosper ISD strives to provide the most elite private school experience in our public school district providing learning and life experiences for our students equipping them with a competitive advantage as they apply for the most prestigious colleges and universities across the country.

Contact Information: Christal Hankey (Communications) [email protected] or 469-219-2000