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Arlington Classics AcademyPublic Charter

District Name: Arlington Classics Academy       

District Size & Class Size: 1483 students, Class size 22

Grade Level Alignment: K through 8th

Accountability: District Met Standard. All Campuses Met Standard with Distinctions for Intermediate and Middle School.

Distinguishing Characteristics: As a public school, ACA must meet all accountability and instructional expectations as set by the Texas Education Agency. What sets us apart is that we enrich the state curriculum with an individualized approach to learners, building learning goals not based on a grade level assignment, but based on a student’s performance and passion. The majority of our students are being challenged by above grade level instruction in math and reading where it is appropriate.

Specializations and Program Offerings: ACA’s founders created an alternative to traditional public schools for parents seeking innovative, quality, individualized learning for successful student achievement.  ACA’s classical curriculum includes the fundamentals of language arts, science, social studies, accelerated math and reading programs, Spanish, physical education, art and music.

Extracurricular: ACA is truly an academically focused school with extra-curricular opportunities that complement a student’s interests. In addition to all grade levels studying music, Spanish, Latin, art, technology, and physical education, ACA offers opportunities for students to participate in Odyssey of the Mind, band/strings, chess club, cross country, track and field, and basketball. Students can also participate in academic competitions such as PSIA, spelling bee, reading bee, and composition contest

Safety and Security: No major incidences. Emergency Operation and Crisis plans in place.

M&O/I&S Tax Rates and Last Bond Passage: Does Not Apply

Average Home Value in District: Students for Tarrant, Dallas and Johnson counties are eligible to attend. The average home value in Arlington is $175,525 according the Arlington Board of Realtors.                        

Selling Points: ACA has received the highest academic rating from the Texas Education Agency since 2007 while receiving only 80% of the state funding afforded a traditional public school. Our latest NWEA MAP scores again demonstrate that our students are ready and able learners with over 50% of our students performing in the top 20% of the nation when their scores are compared to the national norms.  87% of our students scored in the top 40% in math performance and over 90% of our students scored in the top 40% in reading performance.   Demonstrating both academic and financial effectiveness, ACA was named to the Texas Comptrollers Honor Circle in 2014 and received a 5-star rating in 2015 and 2016 from

ACA has 136 staff members and 100% of our teachers are highly qualified.

District Philosophy: The vision of Arlington Classics Academy is to be an educational institution of academic excellence that provides a college preparatory, liberal arts curriculum delivered through a classical style of instruction.

Four character traits on which the school was founded; strength, wisdom, courage and vigilance are integrated into student development. Through rigorous curriculum, our students become life-long learners. Through character education, our students become engaged, responsible, and compassionate leaders.