Trinity Basin Preparatory

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Trinity Basin PreparatoryPublic Charter

District Name: Trinity Basin Preparatory                   

District Size & Class Size: 2,784 students. Classes are limited to 20-22 students.

Grade Level Alignment: PreK3 – 8th Grade     

Accountability:       District Met Standard, All Campuses Met Standard

Distinguishing Characteristics: Trinity Basin Preparatory is a free public charter school of choice with five campuses in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Our classroom sizes are smaller compared to public schools, limited to 22 students or fewer. Strict discipline is enforced, and school uniforms are required.

Specializations and Program Offerings: Individualized instruction and intensive tutoring in an environment specifically designed to meet the individual academic, physical, and emotional needs of our students.

Extracurricular: Athletics include flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track and field. Academics activities include Math & Science Olympiad, Eighth Grade Leadership Team, and an Elementary Girls Club.

M&O/I&S Tax Rates and Last Bond Passage: Open-enrollment charter schools have no taxing authority.                 

Selling Points: Family atmosphere, small class sizes, and instruction designed to meet the individual academic, physical, and emotional needs of students.          

District Philosophy: Our mission is to inspire every student to do more, expect more, and be more.