Winfree Academy

Winfree AcademyPublic Charter

District Name: Winfree Academy Charter School

District Size & Class Size: 2,800. Class sizes are limited to 30-35 learners.

Grade Level Alignment:   

Winfree Academy Charter School serves learners in grades 9-12.                                             


Met Alternative Standard            

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Winfree Academy is a free, public high school that has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth community for over 16 years.  We have six Dallas-Fort Worth campuses located in Irving, Lewisville, Richardson, Grand Prairie, North Richland Hills, and Dallas working with learners from over 86 ISDs.  Learner ages range from 14-26. With 4 hour school days, Winfree Academy meets the educational needs of learners who prefer a non-traditional way of learning and thrive on individualized instruction.  This makes Winfree a great choice for learners who are self-driven, need credit recovery, or are unable to attend high school during traditional school hours.

Specializations and Program Offerings:

Winfree Academy’s academic program offers a blended instructional model. Learners work daily in their online curriculum, Edmentum, while receiving in-class support from their educators.  In addition to their online curriculum, learners attend weekly Focused Instruction lessons taught by their classroom educators.  This individualized program allows for learners to accelerate in areas where they are successful and receive additional support in areas where they may struggle.

Several career- and college- readiness options are available for learners.  Honors courses, credit by exam assessments, and dual credit coursework are offered at each campus.  Counselors work with learners to take the PSAT, apply for financial aid, visit area colleges and universities, as well as complete entry applications.  Additionally, an annual career fair is held on each campus and multiple guest speakers are brought in such as military recruiters, workforce representatives, and college representatives.

Winfree Academy provides a wide range of support services for our learners.  Academic support programs include Special Education, English as a Second Language (ESL) Section 504, Pregnancy Related Services, Dyslexia support, and Courage – an academic support program for learners recovering from addiction, eating, self-destructive, and other mental health issues.  Social support programs include homeless assistance, free Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) bus passes for transportation support, and Linking Tree – Winfree Academy’s mental and social health network of community providers.


Extracurricular activities vary from campus to campus based upon learner interest.  Current offerings include basketball, Prom committee, Student Council, campus newsletter.

Safety and Security:

Our mission at Winfree Academy begins with providing a safe and secure environment.  We first work to achieve this goal through communication of our school rules and expectations from the Student Code of Conduct at each learner registration session.  They are reinforced through Osprey Orientation and our first course, Professional Communications.  Campus educators and administrators address disruptive behaviors as necessary to protect the learning environment.

On campus, all staff have been trained in our Emergency Operations Plan.   Portable radios allow administrators and staff to communicate about what is happening on campus at any given time. Drug-detecting dogs are periodically brought onto campus to detect the presence of any illegal substances.  Each campus has a partnership with the local police department to provide assistance when needed.  Lastly, criminal history searches are performed on all applicants for employment and all persons who volunteer at the school.

M&O/I&S Tax Rates and Last Bond Passage:

Open enrollment charter schools have no taxing authority.

Selling Points:        

If your learner is looking to accelerate their learning in a non-traditional environment with individualized pacing, Winfree Academy would a be a great school of choice.  We recommend that you come and tour our campuses, meet our staff, and experience the Winfree Way.  To schedule a tour, visit our website at or call us at 214-WINFREE.  To find out why our learners are #ProudtobeWinfree, visit us on social media at or on Twitter @WinfreeAcademy.

District Philosophy:

Winfree Academy Charter School’s mission is to create a supportive, safe, supportive environment that educates, motivates and trains learners so that they can graduate from high school prepared with the skills and abilities needed for higher education, employment, and life.