Wylie ISD

Wylie ISDPublic Schools

*Information as of 2016

District Name: Wylie Independent School District

Website: https://www.wylieisd.net/

District Size: 14,562 students

Grade Level Alignment: Elememtary, pre-K-4; intermediate, 5-6; junior high, 7-8; high school, 9-12

Texas A-F Accountability Rating: This district received an A. All 19 Wylie ISD campuses have met the state’s highest academic standards, with more than half earning additional distinctions. In addition, Wylie ISD students have scores above state and national averages on SAT and ACT college-entrance exams. Based on performance on the PSAT exam, the district annually lists students in the National Merit Scholarship Program. In 2012, Wylie ISD was one of only 12 districts statewide (and just 529 nationwide) to be named to the CollegeBoard Advanced Placement Honor Roll.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Wylie ISD offers an outstanding academic program, with focus on character education beginning in elementary school. The curriculum includes a wide range of programs from culinary arts to television production. The district emphasizes technology in the classroom and as a communications tool for parents.

Specializations and Program Offerings: CTE, special education, dual credit, AP, GT, STEM, etc. In addition to a rigorous curriculum, Wylie ISD maintains a strong tradition of advanced academics in grades 7-12. Pre-AP courses are offered beginning in junior high. Our district belief mirrors that of the CollegeBoard and its focus on excellence and equity, which is why WISD offers an open-enrollment approach to advanced academics courses. Advanced academics also include a Gifted and Talented strand for grades 5-12. Students who have been screened and identified as needing Gifted and Talented services are served in parallel advanced academic courses. In addition to AP courses, we also offer dual credit.

In conjunction with the mandates under HB5, Wylie ISD offers a comprehensive CTE program beginning in the eighth grade, when students pick a career path that helps guide their course selections. The district offers a full range of STEM classes and has been recognized by the Metroplex Technology Business Counsel as a Technology Adopter for our progressive approach and commitment to STEM.

Wylie ISD has a biliteracy program model that integrates students proficient in English and students identified as limited English proficient (LEP). This model provides instruction in both English and Spanish, or another language, and transfers a student identified as limited-English-proficient to English-only instruction. Instruction is provided to both native English speakers and native speakers of another language in an instructional setting where language learning is integrated with content instruction. Academic subjects are taught to all students through both English and Spanish in Wylie. Grades K-6 follow a 50/50 model, with students having alternate days of all Spanish or English instruction in all core content subjects. Classes comprise approximately 50 percent native English speakers and 50 percent LEP students. Instruction is shared by two teachers who instruct in either English or Spanish, sharing the same curriculum to teach and plan for delivery of instruction.

Extracurricular: Wylie ISD knows that students who are engaged in their education succeed at a higher level than those who simply show up. To help foster that engagement, we offer an ever-expanding list of extracurricular options at all levels. Under the banner of the UIL, Wylie ISD offers football, basketball, softball, tennis, golf, track and field, wrestling, powerlifting, baseball, cross-country, and soccer. Club sports include lacrosse and swimming. Teams begin at the junior high level and continue through high school.

Our award-winning fine arts programs provide enrichment and appreciation for the arts, while giving students an outlet for their creative sides. At the high school level we offer marching band, orchestra, drill team, theater arts, visual arts, and dance.

From chess and robotics to video production and FCA, we proudly offer a wide range of clubs that meet the special interests of our students. Many of these groups compete in state and national competitions, earning recognition and scholarships for participants.

Safety and Security: Wylie ISD is committed to the safety of our students and staff.  We work in partnership with our local police and fire departments on all aspects of emergency management. Secondary campuses have a full-time school resource officer who serves as a mentor, role model, counselor, teacher, and, when needed, law enforcement official. The district follows a comprehensive emergency operations plan and conducts annual safety audits.

M&O/I&S Tax Rates and Last Bond Passage: M&O: $1.17; I&S: $0.47. Last bond passage was May 2012 for $21.125 million (74 percent in favor).

Average Home Value in District: $171,601

Selling Points: Even with two 5A high schools and some 13,000 students, Wylie ISD and the communities it supports cherish a small-town feel. From homecoming parades through downtown to numerous volunteer and charitable opportunities, students (and their families) can truly experience the Texas quality of life that many larger cities have lost.



The Wylie Way is a movement in our schools that fosters responsible, caring, and ethical young people through an emphasis on the core values of the Wylie ISD community. As Superintendent Dr. David Vinson says, “it is not enough that we raise smart kids, we must raise good kids.”

Our core values are:
> Respect and responsibility
> Caring and giving
> Grit and preparation
> Gratitude and celebration

These core values are the fundamental beliefs of the Wylie Independent School District, dictating the behavior and actions of our employees and students. Each value group is embedded in the school curriculum and includes activities and focal days per instructional nine-week period.