Pick Your Path

There was a time that making a career choice came after high school graduation — sometimes well into college for some students. But Foundation High School Program requirements for 2018 graduates mean that students in Texas now select one of five career-related pathways at the end of the eighth grade. It’s a big decision, which is why the Dallas Regional Chamber launched Pick Your Path, step-by-step guidelines designed to identify the requirements and track milestones for an Endorsement in one of five areas of study: STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), business and industry, public service, arts and humanities, or multidisciplinary studies. The effort launched in the Dallas Independent School District in the spring of 2014 in both English and Spanish and is being used in other school districts as well.


New to the Dallas Region and gearing up for high school? Request a Pick Your Path tool and a Follow Your Pipeline tool from the Dallas Regional Chamber.

Pick Your Path Tool Follow Your Pipeline

Q: What is the Foundation High School Program?
A: The Foundation High School Program is a core set of classes in the areas of math, English, science, social studies, foreign language, fine arts, physical education, and electives that all students must complete as a foundation to graduate from high school in Texas.
Q: What is an Endorsement?
A: An Endorsement is a broad area of interest that guides a student’s path of study through his or her high school years. All eighth-grade students select this plan to complete the required credits for graduation.
Q: Who uses Pick Your Path?
A: Pick Your Path is used by more than 10,000 students in the Dallas ISD and 45 school districts across the state as they plan and implement their personal graduation plans and ready themselves for college and workforce.