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Uber Says ‘Yes’ to DallasGetting Around

Written by Dave Moore

The announcement that Uber Technologies will open a 3,000-person hub in Dallas neighborhood Deep Ellum might have stunned some, but it was no surprise to the people and companies who work in technology in the Dallas Region.

There’s no doubt Uber chose Dallas because of our major airports, affordable cost of living, and the growing tech talent pool here.

The region has quietly evolved into a destination for companies seeking the right people to help them push the boundaries of data, technology and science. For every Toyota Motor North America making a splash by relocating to Dallas, there’s a USAA and Walmart tech hub opening and expanding operations. The Dallas Region is among the top 10 metro areas for high-tech jobs, holding 40% of all tech jobs in Texas.

Companies in Dallas-Fort Worth, meanwhile, continue to amass terabytes of data, which they’re harnessing to improve their operations, the quality of service, and their competitiveness. If data is the new oil, Dallas is at the center of a massive, growing trove of digital intelligence.

Uber’s choice of a Dallas neighborhood for its largest hub outside of San Francisco seems only natural: the company had already picked the region as one of the first U.S. Markets for Uber Elevate, an initiative aimed at moving ride-sharing airborne. The region also has been a proving ground for the use of self-driving cars and other smart-city advances, like autonomous traffic control devices.

Uber has earned a place among the world’s most-frequently used apps; the Dallas Region is becoming a launch pad for companies’ next giant leap.

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