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Chris GannettMy Dallas Story

“My dad was an ad guy of the Mad Men variety, and he created this campaign for the city in the 1970s that was recognized by the mayor – and stuck with me personally. It essentially communicated, ‘Dallas wasn’t born with a silver spoon’ … we built this city by picking ourselves up by our bootstraps.”

He thinks it was so successful because of the idea that it tapped into – that, although the rest of the country might have had a view of Dallas through the Ewing family on the hit CBS television show, reality was more diverse.

“One of the things I think is fascinating about Dallas is our entrepreneurial heritage. Pioneers expanding West founded this city and I see glimpses of that spirit in people today.”

Dallas has earned a reputation as a great place to live, where opportunity can be found or created.

“There’s a bunch of us kind of “reformed” Hollywood and tech types that now live here and have made a conscientious effort to find each other and plug into institutions and communities that align with our interests and experience.”

Gannett has a background in banking, entertainment and tech – his experience includes starting, scaling, and selling businesses. He launched Gannett.Partners in 2022 – a combination coaching, advisory, strategic capital firm. He’s also joined the steering committees of Venture Dallas and the Dallas Museum of Art, and champions Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support.

Prior to moving (back) to DFW, he and his family had been in the New York City area for roughly 20-years. They’ve now settled in Farmers Branch after trying a couple other Dallas neighborhoods beginning with his native Highland Park.

“We enjoy lovely neighbors and a half-acre on a creek and golf course that’s close to our boys’ private schools. We have rolling hills and a multitude of beautiful municipal parks, a golf/country club in our back yard, fantastic public library and a local government that routinely operates at a budget surplus; and we’re central to both Frisco to the North of us and Downtown, which is South.”

For anyone considering relocating to DFW, he says, “kick the tires.” Follow your interests and explore the communities that might initially appear unintuitive. Dallas isn’t one thing. It’s many things, so research is key. “I’ve found my people by aligning with the DMA, Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support, Venture Dallas, Park House, and SMU’s Cox School of Business.”

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