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Christina HelwigMy Dallas Story

Christina Helwig was born and raised in Dallas, and it has been the perfect place to grow her career and raise her family. She is currently the Chief Marketing Officer for AdvoCare, a health and wellness company based in Richardson. By staying in Dallas, she has been able to establish a successful career at the company she loves and pursue her professional goals, all while remaining connected to the community which she has known since childhood.

Tell us about your life in Dallas?  Being born and raised in Dallas, I have always considered this city my home. I had the incredible opportunity to work for the Dallas Cowboys and was part of the team that opened AT&T Stadium and led numerous memorable events, including Super Bowl XLV. Throughout my tenure, I’ve had a great adventure building my career and my family.

What made you Say Yes to Dallas and not move anywhere else? The decision to say “yes” to Dallas and not move anywhere else was driven by several factors. It was important to me to raise my children around family and since my family all lives in the area, Dallas was the perfect spot to build my life. Being able to share celebrations, milestones, and everyday moments with my entire family brings a sense of joy and fulfillment that I couldn’t imagine finding elsewhere. We also wanted a strong sense of community in the city we lived in, and Dallas gave us just that.

Tell us about your city/neighborhood. What do you like best? What makes it different? I love being able to walk around the neighborhood, visit the community pool, and build lifelong friendships with our neighbors.

Where do you go and what do you do on the weekends or days off? On my days off, I enjoy exploring the city. A few of my go-to spots include Klyde Warren Park, the Dallas Farmer’s Market, and Hillcrest Village.

What is your favorite restaurant in your neighborhood? I love exploring new restaurants in my area. For an adult dining experience, Brentwood is my go-to choice. The ambiance is sophisticated and inviting, and it’s the perfect spot for a night out with friends. When I’m looking for a place with more family-friendly fun, Lockwood is my spot.

What is your favorite outside activity, and where is your favorite place to do it? My favorite outdoor activity is heading to the lake, specifically Cedar Creek. There’s nothing quite like spending a weekend there, hanging out on the water, and enjoying quality time with friends and family.

Favorite festival/event? My favorite Dallas festival would have to be the Greek Food Festival. The festival features the best Greek dishes in town with dancing, traditional music, arts and crafts for the kids, and an overall amazing experience.

Where do you go to experience culture? Why do you like it? When I’m looking for a cultural experience in Dallas, there are several places in the city that I love to visit. One of my favorite ways to experience culture in Dallas is the AT&T Performing Arts Center, where you can watch performances that showcase the talent and artistry of both local and international artists. Another cultural haven in Dallas is the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA). I love that we have such a huge variety of artwork at the DMA that the entire family can explore and enjoy. Trips to the DMA are always on my list when I have visitors in town.

What is your passion, and how does Dallas help fulfill it? Dallas is the perfect place for me to pursue my passion for both my family and my work as the Chief Marketing Officer at AdvoCare. When it comes to my family, Dallas offers a supportive community, great schools, and plenty of family-friendly activities. We can explore places like the Dallas Zoo, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, or enjoy the beautiful Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. The city’s emphasis on creating spaces for the whole family makes it an ideal place to raise my children.

Professionally, Dallas is AdvoCare’s home base and having the opportunity to live in the city where my job is has created the chance for me to grow in a strong business community. I am passionate about growing a brand that I love and believe in. At AdvoCare, I have the ability to expand my creativity and bring creative ideas to life.

Who is your local hero? Why? My local hero is Charlotte Jones Anderson, the daughter of Jerry Jones. She embodies all the qualities of an inspiring female leader, a successful businesswoman, and a devoted mother. Charlotte’s accomplishments in the business world are truly remarkable. She has played a significant role in the success of the Dallas Cowboys, serving as the Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer of the team. Her expertise in marketing and branding has been instrumental in shaping the Cowboys’ image and expanding their fan base. Charlotte’s ability to navigate the highly competitive sports industry and make a lasting impact is truly commendable. She has broken barriers and paved the way for other women to excel in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Where do you feel you are nearest to your “tribe” in the Dallas Region? In the Dallas Region, I feel closest to my “tribe” when I visit any of the fabulous restaurants that the city has to offer. Dining out in Dallas provides a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a love for good food, culinary experiences, and the vibrant dining scene.

How do you interact with your community?I participate in local events that bring people together and contribute to the community’s vibrancy. By attending festivals, fairs, and community gatherings, I can connect with neighbors, local businesses, and fellow community members. These events foster a sense of unity and allow me to contribute to the collective spirit of the community.

Additionally, I serve on the board of the Spring Creek Civic Organization, where I actively participate in decision-making processes and contribute to the betterment of the community. Through this role, I have the chance to collaborate with other individuals in the community and work towards improving the quality of life in our neighborhood.

Lastly, I am actively involved with the AdvoCare Foundation, which focuses on giving back to the community through various initiatives. This year, we partnered with RISD schools to give back to teachers during Teacher Appreciation week and granted a total of $4,000 to the schools.

Tell us about your work and how people can get involved. As the CMO of AdvoCare, I get to help build a brand that promotes health, wellness, and gives our customers the opportunity to look and feel better. Whether you’re a busy mom on the go or just need some extra energy to get you through the day, AdvoCare Spark has you covered. Also, going into the summer months if you need that extra boost of hydration, we have Rehydrate that can help and keep you going in this Texas heat!

For more information and to get in touch, you can connect with Christina on LinkedIn.