Giving Dallas a Sporting ChanceMy Dallas Story

Name: Jared Dudas

City: Dallas

Neighborhood:  Northeast Dallas – The Village

Company/Title: Dallas Cowboys, Group Sales Account Executive

When did you move here? From where?
May 2016, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Where else have you lived?
Arlington, Texas, for an internship; State College, Pennsylvania, for an internship; Athens, Ohio, for college

What made you Say Yes to Dallas?
My job offer with the Dallas Cowboys drew me here. I was fortunate enough to have an internship with the team while still in college and got a taste of the city and how great it is before I moved permanently. Once I got the full-time offer, it was a no brainer — I knew this was the place for me.

How did you choose where to live in the Dallas Region?
I wanted to be close to other young professionals but still somewhat centrally located. I actually had my living situation all squared away before making the move down here with my roommate at the time. If I were to move again, I would consider Addison or Carrollton.

How has your opinion of the Dallas Region changed since moving here?
Before moving here, I didn’t realize the Dallas Region is so large. The city is growing and expanding like crazy, which is awesome!

Tell us about your city/neighborhood. What do you like best? What makes it different?
I like The Village area because it’s centrally located and has all of the amenities of living in the Uptown area while still remaining affordable. It’s unique in the sense that it’s really its own community within the area.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to move here?
Do it! There’s something for everyone here, regardless of your background, interests, etc.

What is your passion, and how does Dallas help fulfill it?
I’ve always been a big sports guy, and Dallas has so much to offer in that aspect, especially with my job. I also love meeting new people and trying new things. Dallas gives you so many opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

What would you miss most about the area if you had to leave?
The weather and the social scene. There’s never a shortage of things to do here, especially when the weather is nice.

Where do you go on weekends or days off?
Anywhere and everywhere. I’m a big foodie, so I love trying new restaurants and exploring different parts of the city. You can usually find me in Uptown, Deep Ellum, or Lower Greenville.

Where do you go to experience culture? Why do you like it?
Deep Ellum. I love the unique restaurants and bars. There’s so much to do, and it’s amazing to see how the community has been revitalized.

What is your favorite restaurant?
Definitely Gloria’s! There are a few locations around town, but I frequent the one on Lower Greenville.

What is your favorite festival/event?
State Fair of Texas

Where do you like to shop? Why?
NorthPark; it has everything you could need and then some. Plus, it’s only a stone throw from where I live.

Who is your local hero? Why?
Tony Dorsett, who is also a Pittsburgh native, made the move to Dallas when he was about my age after being drafted by the Cowboys. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Tony a few times and love talking with him about our shared experiences.

Do you travel often? Is it easier or harder to do here?
I travel a fair amount for both business and pleasure, and I find that flying in and out of Dallas is a great experience. Having both DFW and Love Field here as hubs for two major airlines presents a lot of options and flexibility.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?
Moving to Dallas is one of the best decisions I ever made to start my career. I would highly recommend Dallas to any young professional looking to relocate to a new city. The opportunities for growth here are endless!

Photo Credit: Meredith Mills