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A Deep Ellum WelcomeMy Dallas Story

Name: Robin L. Ball

City: Dallas

Neighborhood: Deep Ellum

Company / Title: Ball Elemental Agency, Founder and Brand Consultant

When did you move here? From where?
2013, from Mississippi

Where else have you lived?
I am a Mississippi native. I lived in Rockwall, Texas, for two years before moving to Deep Ellum.

What made you Say Yes to Dallas?
One of the main reasons that I chose Dallas as my new home is this area actively supports entrepreneurship and it is an incubator for growth and connectivity in every industry. There is unlimited access and everything you need is available within the the Dallas Region.

How did you choose where to live in the Dallas Region?
Deep Ellum is for creators and innovators; it is down to earth, funky and innovative… just like me!

The most amazing aspect of Dallas is each neighborhood has its own independent character, creating a distinctive appeal for everyone.

No matter the type of lifestyle you lead or season of life that you are in, each sector of the city has something to offer. If my husband and I were to leave Dallas proper, we wouldn’t need to move far to adjust to our needs. Each suburb has its own charisma, history, and charm as well.

How has your opinion of the Dallas Region changed since moving here?
I had a perception that Texans are closed off to “outsiders” — that couldn’t be further from the truth! Locals have always been excited to share and welcome me to the community.

Another myth that was disproved is living near the urban core is not affordable. I can dine, work, and play all within the community where I live without breaking the bank, and the cost is well worth every dime for the resources of the location. There are many hidden gems all over the Dallas Region — seek them out.

Tell us about your city/neighborhood. What do you like best? What makes it different?
Deep Ellum has a broad, diverse culture, and as a result, a boundless variety of art, food, and incredible music. Walkability is also important to me. I can walk or take the DART train to nearly any location, so my husband and I only need to drive twice a week. This area is central to everything and the proximity to other Dallas neighborhoods is unrivaled.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to move here?
Opportunity comes to those who seek it out. Explore the many free local resources, get connected and discover all the area has to offer. There are great tools and resources available here; it would be a waste to not take advantage of them. People from all over the globe travel to this area to utilize and make connections that we have access to everyday; take advantage of that!

If you ever find yourself feeling out of place, shift your focus to define your niche and meet your tribe. They’re here, you just have to reach out and connect.

What would you miss most about the area if you had to leave?
I would miss the unlimited access and professional resources. Dallas nurtures talent through networking opportunities and supports personal ambitions as an investment in the community. It’s as if everyone has the key to the city!

What is your passion, and how does Dallas help fulfill it?
My passion is growth through connection and innovation. Dallas truly values diversity and understands that inclusion of all cultures and communities is the key element that makes North Texas great.

Who is your local hero? Why?
Yodit Tewolde is a powerful voice for equality, transparency, and truth, and stands up for the disadvantaged even in the face of adversity.