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From NYC to OCCSay yes to OCC

Name: Rita Varghese

Position: Operations Analyst

What made you say “yes” to OCC?

OCC is growing. It’s always great to work for a company that’s growing because there’s opportunity for learning and to advance your career. The culture is very supportive, and leadership is willing to listen to your needs and to help you acquire new skills.

What can you find at OCC that you can’t find anywhere else?

OCC is committed to supporting my professional development, as well as the development of my colleagues, through internal face-to-face programs, online courses and career development workshops that help you learn about our company, other departments and our industry. In addition, colleagues can benefit from a formal education tuition reimbursement program and support to attend external technical trainings. OCC also supports the Options Industry Council, an unbiased provider of education on the options industry. In 2017, OCC launched an innovative student debt contribution program that allows colleagues to pay off student loans more quickly, reducing the interest owed and supporting a path to improve financial wellness. The development opportunities are great and my ability to better balance between work and family is everything I’ve ever wanted.

What are the benefits to OCC being in the Dallas Region?

I was working in New York City for more than eight years and I wasn’t sure if there was an opportunity for me in the Dallas region. I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoy my role at OCC, my commute to the office is better, the weather has been a great benefit and everyone I’ve met in the area is so welcoming and friendly. OCC benefits from being in the Dallas region because there is a large pool of talent and people with different backgrounds and experiences – our region is really a great melting pot and I’m happy to be part of it.

What does OCC do to give back to the community?

OCC helps market participants manage their financial risk and we believe it’s important to support organizations who help people at risk through employee participation and donations.  I recently joined our Dallas office employee charity committee. Our emphasis is on choosing smaller charities where we can have a greater impact. Last year, we raised money with more traditional events like onsite barbeques, Jeans Week and a few competitive challenges, like “Lock Up the Boss”, where a manager is nominated by colleagues to be “detained” in their office. The manager can only be released when colleagues have raised enough money to bail them out. The money raised goes to our office’s designated charity. We compete in teams and it’s a great morale builder, too.  Our 2019 charity is Family Gateway which provides stability and life-changing supportive services to children and families affected by homelessness.

If you could describe OCC in one word, what would it be?

I would say “engaged”. We’re very involved in the community. OCC also funds OIC – the Options Industry Council, which offers free education to the public about the risks and benefits of exchange-listed options. I feel like the fact that OCC wants to educate the public on these things is very charitable of them.