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Life at HiltiMy Dallas Story

Name: Jacob Buckles

Position: Digital Marketing Specialist

What made you say “Yes” to Hilti?
I was given an opportunity to do something I was really passionate about, on a global scale. I really enjoyed their flexibility in working with my schedule, and working from home. However, I think the most important thing for me was the culture – culture is so important at Hilti. They’re really big about diversity and inclusion. It’s not something they just say, they really live by it.

What can you find at Hilti that you can’t find anywhere else?
You can make an impact working at any level within the organization. They’re open to new and innovative ideas, and the best ideas win at Hilti.

What are the benefits to Hilti being in the Dallas Region?
The main benefit for Hilti is that they’re in the largest construction market in the United States – that being the Dallas Region. Also, Hilti is a global organization and we’re located near one of the largest international airports, and one of the friendliest domestic airports. I think those are a few reasons why Hilti really thrives in the Dallas Region.

What does Hilti do to give back to the community?
We’re big participants in Habitat for Humanity. We also have an HR policy where you can take multiple days off of work to volunteer with an organization within the community that you’re passionate about. I’m involved in several organizations, such as Heart House and the Dallas Regional Chamber – specifically, LEAD YP and the YP Board. There’s a lot of opportunities at Hilti, and they really push you to be involved in the community.

What is the company culture like at Hilti?
It really goes back to diversity and inclusion. We have a really big mix of cultures at Hilti. It’s not uncommon to see people having full-on conversations in a multitude of languages, and it’s not uncommon for people in various levels of the organization to have an impact. I think those two words (diversity and inclusion) characterize our culture. We also spend a lot of time investing in internal training throughout the year to help us stay on our cultural journey.

If you could describe Hilti in one word, what would it be?
I would say innovative. We’re innovative in our products, we’re innovative in our culture, and we’re innovative in how we treat and compensate our employees.

Photo Credit: Holly Nguyen