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Opportunities at AlkamiMy Dallas Story

Name: Tyson Harding

Position: Senior Project Manager

What made you say “Yes” to Alkami?
I had been traveling to Texas for about eight years on and off for different clients, and I fell in love with Texas and the Dallas Region. I explored a couple of different opportunities along the way. When I was contacted by Alkami, there was just a really big, different feeling in environment and culture throughout the entire process, from the initial phone call to every interview and onsite visit. I was able to take a leap with me and my family get to Texas and it felt right at home to be able to come here.

What can you find at Alkami that you can’t find anywhere else?
Besides the daily catered lunches, their investment in employees and what Alkami is trying to accomplish. We’re growing really fast and there are some growing pains, but that also brings a lot of excitement. Everybody here is really excited about coming to work. We all want to work together to try and solve the problems that we have, so if I had to say one thing that Alkami has that you can’t find anywhere else, it’s the care and effort that goes into the everyday life here.

How has Alkami being in the Dallas Region benefitted you and your family?
Alkami gave me the opportunity to move to Texas from northern Utah. My whole family has enjoyed it – just being able to move here and be in a bigger city and the access to so many different things – a lot of different culture things. I’ve enjoyed it from a career and work perspective.

What does Alkami do to give back to the community?
One of my favorite things tat I’ve participated in is the Feed the City program. Once a month, we’ll go over to a restaurant and make sandwiches to feed the homeless. During Christmas, instead of a food drive, we were able to do a school supply drive and donate a bunch of school supplies to the teachers and schools that needed it. We also do a bunch and stay involved in programs that support STEM, like Women Who Code and Bold Idea.

What is the company culture like at Alkami?
Overall, the company culture is very exciting and diverse. You have the opportunity to meet a ton of different people with a ton different backgrounds, which makes it really fun. There’s never a dull moment as far as lack of conversation – you can always learn something new.

If you could describe Alkami in one word, what would it be?
I would say collaborative. Here at Alkami, you can’t succeed unless you collaborate. Everyone here is willing to share knowledge, and there’s a feeling of not being afraid to ask questions because you might have an answer for someone and they might have an answer for you. Everyone realizes the situation – that we’re all in it together regardless of your department, so everyone wants to help. On my key card, there’s a list of “essential compounds” for the company, and “caring and collaboration” is one of them. That’s one of our goals that we focus on, and I’d say that’s one of my favorite ones.