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Total Axxess to Culture and TalentMy Dallas Story

Name: Shradha Aiyer

Position: Director of Mobile Technologies

What made you say “Yes” to Axxess?
It has to be culture. We have a workforce that is more than 50 percent female at Axxess, which you don’t see at other places. I’ve interned at places where I was the only woman on the floor, so this is a fresh change. When I started at Axxess five years ago, we were at about 50 employees, but we were very diverse, with 15 countries being represented. We have over 30 countries represented now in our small, growing company. At Axxess, we really believe it doesn’t matter where you come from.

What can you find at Axxess that you can’t find anywhere else?
It would be the culture of innovation. We are a growing company but we haven’t stopped innovating. We are miles ahead from all our competition in the home health care technology space. Health care is so underserved from a technology perspective, but we constantly see the challenges that our customers and industry faces. Everything we do, even the services we offer to our state associations and our customers on a day-to-day basis, goes back to our culture of innovation and problem-solving, and you don’t get that in most companies.

What are the benefits to Axxess being in the Dallas Region?
Well, I went to the University of Texas at Dallas, so the first great benefit I see is that we’re a technology company and there are a lot of great minds here from a technology perspective and it is only growing, so us having access to great talent is amazing. The culture of Dallas is so welcoming to different cities, and it is so family-oriented and Axxess as a company is so family oriented as well. We really believe in work-life balance, so being placed in Dallas just works for us and helps us grow more.

What does Axxess do to give back to the community?
We do a lot, but just something that comes to my mind is that for a company our size, we actually have a vice president of corporate citizenship. Giving back is part of our growth mantra at Axxess – it’s actually the first part of it. It’s really in our DNA. We’ve adopted a couple of different schools. We have interns come and experience what it’s actually like to work in corporate life and understand the different tracks that there are. They work in the administrative department, they work in communications, they work with engineering. They get a good sense of where they want to go. We’re very active in promoting STEM as well as promoting women in technology. We’re also very cultural – we participate in a lot of cultural events.

What is the company culture like at Axxess?
The biggest thing that comes to mind is openness. For everything we do at Axxess to really work, it has to start with openness. We’re representing 30 countries in about 250 employees, and that’s because of how open and welcome we are. We’re a fairly flat organization, so even if there’s someone new who has an idea, they will feel comfortable enough to take it to our CEO or leadership, discuss the idea and get that implemented quickly. It’s all about making Axxess better and making home health care and health care technology better. That’s where our culture comes from, that’s where our focus is, and everything we do revolves around being open about it.

If you could describe Axxess in one word, what would it be?
It has to be innovation, because at the core of our being, we’re solving problems not only at a technology perspective, but also from an operations perspective. We’re an agile company. We’re not only agile in the engineering department, but in all our departments. We’ve taken that model to our administrative department, our operations department, and they’re really churning out information and features and communications very quickly and rapidly. All of that wouldn’t be able to happen if we weren’t innovative in our thoughts and in the work we do and the processes that we follow.

Photo Credit: Holly Nguyen