Urban Landscape, Neighborhood FeelMy Dallas Story

Name: Regan Olson

City: Dallas

Neighborhood: Lake Highlands

Company/Title: The Mason Dallas at Très LA Catering, Site Manager

When did you move here? Where from?
March 2016, from Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Where else have you lived?
I lived in South Dakota my whole life before moving to Dallas. 

What made you decide to Say Yes to Dallas?
The only reason Dallas was on my radar was because the company I worked for had an office here. I was hired from the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, location and went through the company’s extensive training program. I got a taste of the culture and truly fell in love with Dallas. Shortly after, a position opened up to help facilitate the training program. Since I had previously experienced Dallas, I couldn’t wait to apply for the job! When I was selected for the role, I had just weeks to prepare for the big move from my home state to begin a new life in Dallas.

How did you choose where to live in the Dallas Region?
I may be different than most transplants, but I knew I didn’t want to be in the heart of the bustle in the Uptown/Downtown space. Growing up in a rural area in South Dakota and working in a small city compared to Dallas, I wanted to live in a quieter neighborhood that was safe and gave me access to parks and trails. I was told White Rock Lake was the location that would satisfy my needs, and I quickly found an apartment that was right off the trail. As I adjusted to life in the big city, I found it a perfect central location. Whether I was heading to Uptown, Lower Greenville, Deep Ellum, work, church, or the airport, I had easy access to major roads allowing me to get where I needed to be.

How has your opinion of the Dallas Region changed since moving here?
Since my move, I’ve loved getting to know Dallas and truly fell in love with the different areas, unique culture, and charming people. My opinion of Dallas has not really changed. I enjoy everything the city offers.  I feel as if I still have much more exploring to do — especially as the metropolitan area continues to expand. The opportunities to participate in activities or events keep me busy through the week, and the list of eateries is endless!

Tell us about your city/neighborhood. What do you like best? What makes it different?
My favorite part of my neighborhood is the White Rock Trail. I decided to run a half marathon and it was extremely convenient to be close to the trail as I trained. The mild winter enabled me to enjoy the trail year-round —definitely not South Dakota weather! The lake is always beautiful, so anytime I want to meet a friend at the dog park, go for a quick run, or just need peace from the city, it’s my favorite place to be.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to move here?
Moving here by myself as a single young professional, I knew I needed to make meaningful connections if I wanted to feel at home. I plugged into my church, Watermark, joined Echelon with the Salvation Army, found a women’s meet-up group called Polished, and became a member with Young Professionals through the Dallas Regional Chamber. I would highly recommend getting involved as quickly as possible to anyone moving to Dallas. There are so many great people in their 20s and 30s looking for a connection and community. It will serve you professionally and personally as you build a network of friends.

What is your passion, and how does Dallas help fulfill it?
I love meeting new people and experiencing new things. Dallas has easily fed into my passion with constant opportunities to cross paths with quality people. The residents here are genuine and hold true to their southern charm, making conversation easy with just about anyone, anywhere. Dallas is continually expanding, and it seems as if a new restaurant or event is popping up each weekend. I can’t seem to slow down in this lively city, and I don’t intend to anytime soon!

Where do you go and what do you do on the weekends or days off?
The list of things to do is endless. The biggest issue is not having enough time to share in all the activities that Dallas provides. I try to keep an eye on what Dallas Social shares on Instagram to stay informed of upcoming events. Some things I’ve enjoyed doing are happy hours at fun locations, free yoga at Klyde Warren Park, mimosa walks in Deep Ellum, or Late Nights at the DMA. There’s always something to do starting at 5 PM on Friday, all the way through Sunday evening. The opportunities are endless.

What is your favorite restaurant?
That is one tough question to answer. Dallas is filled with so many good places to eat — fun brunch spots, coffee houses, and various restaurants. Like I mentioned before, I love experiencing new things, and that includes new foods and new restaurants.

What is your favorite outdoor activity, and where is your favorite place to do it?
If I’m not at White Rock Lake, I can often be found at Klyde Warren Park. This is one of my favorite places to take advantage of outdoor activities, especially when there is a concert or event taking place. You can also find a variety of food trucks there that are delicious.

Where do you go to experience culture? Why do you like it?
When I want to really feel like I’m in Texas, Fort Worth does the trick. The city has preserved its deep country roots with the Stockyards. It’s such a great place to go when I feel like putting on my cowboy boots and rewinding time to the Old West!

Photo Credit: Michael Samples