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Say Yes to VanguardSay Yes to Vanguard

Name: Corey Bonner

Position: Manager in Vanguard’s Personal Advisor Services

Where is your hometown?

I am originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, and recently relocated to the Dallas Region to help launch our office in Plano.

What made you say “yes” to Vanguard?

I initially gravitated towards Vanguard as we are a mission driven organization that takes a stand for all investors. Candidly, when I look to take time away from my family and friends through work, I want to be sure I’m focusing my time on a role that is fulfilling and has purpose. But what really made me say yes to Vanguard, was the people and the culture. I could tell from my very first interview that Vanguard truly values diversity of thought and authenticity. I have made some of my best friends here and am proud to work for a leading firm among the investment management industry.

What can you find at Vanguard that you can’t find anywhere else?

A culture that puts investors first. Everyone has a strong ‘why’ for being at Vanguard and they bring that energy to work every day.

What are the benefits to Vanguard being in the Dallas Region?

We chose the metroplex because of the opportunities to bring on strong talent to help advance our mission. There is a thirst for talent among organizations around the world, and my hope is that we, as we have done in our industry, set the bar for inclusion and integrity, and attract those who wish to dedicate their careers to helping investors reach their goals.

What does the Vanguard do to give back to the community?

In addition to a robust philanthropic program, all employees receive a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) day. We also have strong partnerships that help us advance financial literacy in the communities we serve. If you can’t tell already, I have a servant heart and feel a great balance of giving back both professionally and through volunteerism.

If you could describe Vanguard in one word, what would it be?

Inclusion. At Vanguard, I feel empowered and am accepted as my authentic self. This strong foundation allows me to do my best every day and I am very grateful for that.