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  • From the Dallas Region, you can access a wide range of consular services. Quick Links: Consular Corps Directory
  • People of all backgrounds and interests will find a welcoming place in the Dallas Region. Quick Links: People | Demographics
  • The Dallas Region offers many safe and secure communities that are a great environment for families. Quick Links: Dallas Regional Map  | Family
  • Our highway infrastructure is conducive to an easy commute. Quick Links: Highways | Drive Times | Public Transportation
  • DFW International Airport is the third business airport in the world, located midway between Dallas and Fort Worth with 1,850 daily flights, seven runways on 26.9 square miles (17,207 acres) property. Quick Links: Taking Flight
  • Texas Central Railway is developing the first high-speed rail line in the United States, between Dallas and Houston.
  • The Dallas Arts District is nearly 70 acres – the largest urban arts district in the United States. Quick Links: Arts
  • The Dallas Region is one of the most affordable in the country for individuals. There is no state income tax in Texas. A typical middle management home is 223 square meters and includes 4 bedrooms and 2 baths with costs as much as 50% less than other major U.S. metro areas. Quick Links: Cost of Living Calculator
  • Let the wine, conversation, and business networking flow with a membership to the French American Chamber of Commerce (FACC). Quick Links: FACC DFW
  • French speakers at all levels are welcome to learn and practice the language through classes and events hosted by Alliance Française de Dallas. Quick Links: Alliance Française de Dallas
  • Home to a chapter of the French Heritage Society. Quick Links: Sports
  • Dallas International School offers English-French education. Quick Links: Education
  • Weekly Direct Flights to France: American Airlines – 7 times to Paris
  • The network of French transplants is strong in the Dallas Region. Quick Links: To Frisco, From France | Remarkable and Unique City
  • Experience the culture, language, history, arts, and food of Germany at the Dallas Goethe Center for German Language and Culture. Quick Links: Dallas Goethe Center
  • Network with other German companies and professionals with a membership to the German American Chamber of Commerce of the South. Quick Links: GACC South
  • The Dallas Region is home to FC Dallas, a national-competitive major league soccer team.  The British Emporium offers imported products from across the U.K. Quick Links: Sports
  • Weekly Direct Flights to the United Kingdom: American Airlines – 19 times to London; British Airways – 7 times to London