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For the International Newcomer

International Essentials Guide

Say Yes to Dallas’ International Essentials Guide serves as the Dallas expert for your newcomers, helping them navigate the options when moving to the Dallas Region from another country.

Hiring Manager Tips

Hiring Manager Tips

International employees present valuable and unique perspectives to your company. Here are some strategies to assist you in supporting the successful onboarding and assimilation of your international hires.

Communication Tips

Communicate effectively with your international hires.

Communication Schedule

A communication timeline for your expats and their home country mentors.

Communication Record

Log conversations related to your company’s assignment objectives, experiences, and the expat’s plans for reintegration upon return.

Employee Experiences

Track the work experiences of your international hires.

Assignment Goal and Objective Tracking Form

Your international hires can track their objectives and goals.

Conference Attendance Tracking Form

Your international hires can record their experiences at conferences.

Skill Development Tracking Form

Your international hires can track their skills development.

Relocating Families

Help your international hire’s spouse and children prepare for their international move.

Resource Guide for Relocating Families

A resource guide for employees who are relocating internationally with their spouse and children.

Exploratory Interviews

Help your prospective expat address key questions to ensure the correct candidate is hired.

Exploratory Interviews

Questions for employers to address during exploratory interviews.