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Located in Tarrant County, Euless has excellent schools, a diverse community and well-maintained parks. In fact, if you just can’t get enough of the great outdoors, 40-acre ‘Villages of Bear Creek Park’ features dozens of picnic tables for families, more than 10 grills for an outdoor BBQ, and an amphitheater. Teachers take advantage of the space to educate students about nature and planting.

Euless is also home to the popular Upright Theatre Co. Established in 2020, it is committed to education of emerging artists, and performs classic and contemporary works.

Its history stretches back to 1845, when the first pioneers reached Big Bear and Little Bear creeks. But it wasn’t named for another 36-years, after two settlers from Tennessee built a home and a cotton gin.

Euless By the Numbers

Median Age37
Median Household Income71,208

White Alone26,63343.5%
Black Alone9,76215.9%
American Indian Alone960.2%
Asian Alone7,48612.2%
Some Other Race Alone5570.9%
Two or More Races3,8266.2%
Hispanic Origin (any race)11,95019.5%

Less Than 9th Grade3.7%
9th-12th Grade - No Diploma5.7%
High School Graduate24.4%
GED/ Alternative Credential4.4%
Some College - No Degree24.4%
Associate Degree9.1%
Bachelor's Degree23.3%
Graduate/ Professional Degree1.5%