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Sachse has been in the news recently because of the $200 million dollar facility being built by Evolve Biologics. Set to open in 2024, it will be the U.S. facility for plasma treatments. But long before playing host to the life sciences company, Sachse built one of the first cotton mills and gins in the country.

The city was founded by William Sachse in 1845, when he bought 640 acres of land in Collin County, and later added 5,000 acres. Residents like that Sachse is family friendly and has excellent schools.

Sachse By the Numbers

Median Age37
Median Household Income115,537

White Alone15,42357.2%
Black Alone3,12411.6%
American Indian Alone2200.8%
Asian Alone4,89718.2%
Some Other Race Alone210.1%
Two or More Races1,0263.8%
Hispanic Origin (any race)2,2618.4%

Less Than 9th Grade3.1%
9th-12th Grade - No Diploma3.2%
High School Graduate23.6%
GED/ Alternative Credential1.9%
Some College - No Degree23.6%
Associate Degree7.9%
Bachelor's Degree28.2%
Graduate/ Professional Degree1.3%