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Staycation in DallasWeekend Guide

Everyone wants to travel, but have you tried being a tourist in your own city? We’ve put together some ideas for those who want to celebrate without leaving the comfort of Dallas (better yet, the comfort of your own home).

Didn’t see anything you liked? Check back again soon – we update this list regularly! (Have any suggestions? Let’s get in touch.)

  • Museum of Memories


    Open by popular demand, Museum of Memories allows you go to back in time with their 90’s-themed museum,¬†featuring a wide range of backdrops and interactive installations. (We also LOVE their perfectly curated playlist. We haven’t heard Aaron Carter’s I Want Candy in so long!)

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  • Ascension


    Born in the Design District and sprouting all around the Dallas Region is our favorite local Ascension. This Australian restaurant hits every craving we have, from Asian food to freshly brewed Australian coffee. Ascension does a great job of offering a variety of food on their menu while keeping it authentic.

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  • The Statler


    The Statler, located in the Downtown Dallas, offers you the best views of our beautiful skyline and top-notch service. Conveniently, this place gives you restaurants, a park across the street, bars, and a rooftop pool that turns into a club at night. You could literally spend your whole weekend here.

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