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People looking to move to the Dallas Region are deeply interested in your story. Whether you’ve just moved here or lived here for awhile, we know you have good advice to offer. From the details of your neighborhood to your best discoveries, your story will help those unfamiliar with our city get a sense of who we are.

There are many questions here, and there’s no need to answer them all. But for the questions you DO answer, please provide us with great detail, — including specific examples and actual business names where possible.

The Dallas Region Relocation + Newcomer Guide is published by local experts D Magazine Partners for the Dallas Regional Chamber. Your responses will be lightly edited and may be published in whole or part in the Dallas Region Relocation + Newcomer Guide, on SayYesToDallas.com, and in our weekly newsletter, as well as related social media.

SMU Student to Dallas Resident

Get your photo ready to upload. You cannot submit answers without it!

Newcomers — and all of us here at the Dallas Region + Newcomer Guide — appreciate you. Thank you!

Tell Us Your Story

  • Personal Info

  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
    Please upload a good horizontal photo of yourself (with or without your family) -- in your neighborhood or at one of your favorite spots. We'll take the largest file size you've got. (At least 1600px wide please)
  • Or ... if you have been here a while, what makes you stay?
  • Was it the house, the school system ... what was the deciding factor? Will you end up moving within the Metroplex? If looking to move within the region, what areas interest you and why?
  • Is there a myth that may have been busted?
  • What are your hidden spots? What is unique about where you live? What is the one thing an outsider should experience? Give your favs a shout-out.
  • Name as many specific places as you can. If you have children, give us a kid-friendly day and adult-oriented day.
  • Feel free to use specific names (people, businesses) if applicable!
  • Whether live, work or play ... where have you found the resources and groups to further your individual pursuits? Tell us about your passion, and the local folks who champion it.
  • Of course, we can't imagine why anyone would want to leave.
  • Tell us about your commute, if you have one? What makes working here different?
  • Is it kid-friendly here? Anything about the area make it easier? What are your kid's favorite things to do here? What is your school experience?
  • This could be a local celebrity, or just someone you admire.
  • Give us actual names of places and what makes you feel most comfortable there.
  • Tell us about the orgs/causes/projects you are passionate about. What do you with them? How can others get involved? Any fun events your community puts on?
  • Which method of travel do you use? Where do you like to go? What are traveling tips you've discovered for the region?