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  • Dallas Love List


    Dallas Love List is a collection of food, street art, museums and iconic Dallas people and places. Run by Sarah, a Knoxville. Tennessee transplant, Dallas Love List covers food, events and activities throughout the city. She also organizes activities by neighborhood.

    Dallas Love List shows a more artistic and quirkier side of Dallas, highlighting most of the city’s neighborhoods, including the often neglected Deep Ellum, Bishop Arts and Oak Cliff. She also creates neighborhood and food guides that help Dallas residents and newbies explore their city. Her colorful aesthetic shows a brighter, sunnier side of Dallas ready for people to explore.

  • Leah Frazier


    Leah Frazier is one of the area’s leading FashionPreneurs™. She is a multi-licensed attorney, award-winning fashion journalist, certified personal shopper with her own company (Diamond Icon), and in-demand fashion industry consultant. Her work has been featured in diverse publications, spanning legal contributions to the Oxford Press and fashion and lifestyle reporting for CBS Local, Examiner.com, Ask Miss A, and her personal blog, Beauty4Ashes.

  • Joseph Haubert


    Joseph Haubert is a Dallas-based photographer that captures the beauty of the Dallas skyline and other hidden spots throughout the Dallas Region.

  • Perennial Style


    Perennial Style is a Dallas-based sister blog run by Blair Flowers Butler, Ellen Flowers and Janie Flowers. They write about everything Dallas from fashion to culture to art and events. Natives of small town Alabama, Perennial Style is a way for the three sisters to share their passion for Dallas and fashion with family and friends.

    The Perennial style attracts fashion fans by highlighting local places to shop and explore. It exhibits Dallas’s famous Southern, preppy style, while highlighting the most photogenic places of Texas’s fashion capital.

  • Dallas Foodie


    Dallas Foodie is an Instagram account that posts honest food & drink reviews. Rated one of the 20 best Dallas Instagram Accounts, Dallas Foodie is run by Danielle Glick, who considers herself to be a social media food journalist, rather than a food blogger. As the author of the official 2013 Dallas Visitors Guide Book entertainment sections, Dallas Foodie tells visitors and residents the best places to eat, drink, play and shop in nine of the major neighborhoods.

    Dallas Foodie has the one of the best Instagrams for Dallas food reviews. The account wants to introduce and remind Dallas residents of the best food Dallas has to offer, from the fanciest restaurant to the most secret hole in the wall. Dallas Foodie is the perfect account for Dallasites when they want to escape their food rut and try something new.

  • Dallas Moms Blog


    Dallas Moms Blog is a “go to” resource for Dallas area moms offering information on kid-friendly local events, parenting tips & tricks, and parent guides covering everything from finding a family photographer to the best summer camps in the Dallas Region. Visit Collin County Moms Blog for parent guides about neighborhoods & schools and Fort Worth Moms Blog to connect with moms of Tarrant County.

  • Dallasites101


    Dallasites101 is a Dallas blog run by two Texas transplants, Kara Shannon and Lily Kramlich-Taylor, who want to help fellow Dallasites discover events and deals within their city. They work with individuals and businesses in the local community to encourage others to discover and engage in ways to make Dallas home.

    Dallas residents are able to find special deals and promotions throughout the city. This includes deals for workout classes, restaurants, spas, and other local businesses. Additionally, Dallasites101 hosts various events and community building activities that help transplants and locals get to know the people and businesses Dallas has to offer.

  • The City Influencer


    The City Influencer is a celebration of Dallas culture, influence, and diversity. It’s a stylish and informative online news destination that reports the latest in city culture, business, entrepreneurship, food, education, fashion and fun for the African American community in Dallas. “We believe every city has a story and we’re thrilled to provide quality, professional, diverse content.”

    “If you’re a Dallasite, we want to provide with you with a fresh, unique perspective on the place you call home. And if you’re just visiting, we want to ensure that you have a great time while you are in the “Big D” and discover the people and places that make this city so great.”

  • Pizza and Champagne


    Pizza and Champagne is a Dallas food and travel blog run by sisters, Kelsie and Lexi Aziz. Texas born and bred, they two sisters are passionate about cooking dishes from around the world, including ones from their Kurdish heritage. In addition to food, cooking and travel, they also cover Dallas events and cultural activities.

    Pizza and Champagne is perfect for the foodie and travel-loving Dallas resident. While the Aziz sisters often explore other parts of the world, their photos of delicious Dallas food and drinks will make everyone’s mouth water.